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Substance: PT-141Package: 5 kits (5000IU)

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Neo Up Neo Labs 5000IU is the isomer of Melanotan 2 without the C-end amide group, which avoids characteristics such as sunburn stimulation and enhances characteristics such as libido stimulation. Bremelanotide belongs to a class of melanocortin agonists. Neo Up Neo Labs 5000IU does not affect the vascular system and its selective effect is limited to activation and stimulation of melanocortin receptors to increase libido and increase sexual desire.
Neo Up Neo Labs 5000IU is the only synthetic aphrodisiac. Studies have shown that Bremelanotide is effective in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions in men (erectile dysfunction or impotence) and women (sexual arousal disorder). Unlike Viagra and other passers-by on the viagra drugs, PT-141 does not affect the vascular system, and acts directly through the nervous system (hypothalamus) to increase sexual desire. Viagra, Levitra, and cialis are not considered aphrodisiacs because they do not have any direct effect on libido. However, the best synergetic effect is achieved by combining Viagra and PT-141.
Neo Up – Bremelanotide
Women who participated in experiments said that they “shivered inside from excitement and wished to have sex.” For most, effects generally seen in a couple of hours after the injection and reaches its peak four hours later. Men said that Neo Up Neo Labs 5000IU made them feel “younger and energetic” as well as sexually interested and excited. Here is what he said about Neo Up Neo Labs 5000IU men: “are You ready to strip off their pants and act”, “a drug that makes you not only the opportunity, but also a strong attraction.” One 67 year older that combined Viagra and Neo Up Neo Labs 5000IU said “I felt like 16 years old”.
Bremelanotide, injected (subcutaneously), and after a couple of hours it opens up a window of possibilities, desire, and power.
Storage conditions: 2-8 C degrees (refrigerator). Diluted to store in the refrigerator.
Method of administration: subcutaneous injection or Injection under the fat layer.
Neo Up Neo Labs 5000IU dosage: 0.30 mg (trial) – 0.70 mg (average) – 1 mg (optimal) – 1.5 mg (strong).