NeoCJC-1295 Neo Labs 10000IU


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Analogue long-acting NeoCJC-1295 Neo Labs 10000IU is a peptide hormone consisting of 30 amino acids, which stimulates the pituitary to produce endogenous GH and is an analogue of growth hormone releasing hormone growth hormone (a hormone, releasing GH). The advantage of NeoCJC-1295 Neo Labs 10000IU over regular growth hormone releasing hormone or recombinant G G is the duration of CJC-1295. After a single administration of the drug stimulating the production of GR in healthy adults can continue up to two weeks.
The main effects of NeoCJC-1295 Neo Labs 10000IU include increase of protein synthesis and stimulating growth of new muscle fibers; stimulation of linear growth in children with failure of GR; increase in muscle mass with less intensive use; improvement of the skin and reduction of wrinkles; recovery of atrophied with aging bodies; reduction of adipose tissue by increasing lipolysis; increase of bone density; improve recovery ability of the body, wound healing; enhancing immune system.
NeoCJC-1295 Neo Labs 10000IU
With the advent of NeoCJC-1295 Neo Labs 10000IU the drug GHRP-6 lost its value, because CJC-1295 has the same effect but acts much longer. The difference between CJC-1295 and GHRP-6 is that CJC-1295 is modified so that it can attach itself to albumin and thus continue to circulate in the bloodstream, staying active for a long time.
Regimen CJC-1295: 2 times a week of 1 mg.