NeoTan Neo Labs 1000IU


Substance: MelanotanPackage: 5 kits (1000IU)


NeoTan Neo Labs 1000IU is a synthetic analogue of a natural peptide hormone melanocortin, which stimulates and intensifies skin tan through stimulation of melanin.
Melanotan was first synthesized at the University of Arizona. Scientists have conducted studies and found that the direct introduction of the hormone in the human body is an effective way of tanning without sunlight. Thus, with the help of this drug you can get a beautiful tan and avoid the damaging effects of UV rays, which in consequence may lead to the development of skin cancer (melanoma). In may 2010 the Italian Medical Agency (AIFA – Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco) became the first government organization in the field of health, which approved Melanotan as a means to reduce sensitivity to sunlight.
Besides the sun, as revealed in the course of research Melanotan-2 has the effect of increasing libido and improving sexual function in men and women.
The main effects of Melanotan-2 include tanning (without or with minimal use of the Solarium without sun exposure), prevention of melanoma (skin cancer), increased libido (studies on the use of this drug for the treatment of male impotence), loss of appetite.
Regimen NeoTan Neo Labs 1000IU:
1 mg daily to achieve the desired tan. Results appear gradually over 1-3 weeks. To accelerate pigmentation, you can visit the Solarium (up to 3 times a week) or work on your tan. Upon reaching the desired shade, the use of the drug is reduced to 1-2 times a week (some people to maintain the result of the drug and does not need; it will be enough tanning or in the sun).