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Characterization of growth Hormone ZPtropin Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical 5000IU

Have growth Hormone ZPtropin produced by Chinese pharmaceutical company Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which over the past two years has managed not only to assert themselves on the market of pharmaceuticals, but also to become a leader both in the CIS and in Europe.

Zhengzhou (Genjo) currently represents the highest consistent quality, which is confirmed not only reviews and analyses of users, but romatermini world-renowned Swiss laboratory Simec.

Official manufacturer website – https://zphc.hk

The website to check the codes – https://anticounterfeiting.tk/

Sytropin available in bottles of 10 IU Human Growth Hormone (recombinant human growth hormone).

ZPtropin comes in cardboard boxes (10 vials each box), a holographic label, which has a security code under the scratch-off layer.

Manufacturer: Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical

Form release: 10 UI (ME) 1 bottle

Active substance: Human Growth Hormone 191 Amino Acid Recombinant human growth hormone

Country: China

Recombinant human growth hormone consisting of 191 amino acids, the formula of education which is completely identical with natural human hormone.

The appointment of ZPtropin Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical 5000IU:
The growth hormone deficiency and delay of growth of various origin in adults and children.

Fat loss. Very effective ZPtropin Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical 5000IU can be used for weight loss (it has been proven that human growth hormone slows down lipogenesis and stimulates lipofit).

Sports and anabolic purposes. Growth hormone and its metabolites of mechanical growth factor and insulin-like growth factor-1 effectively restores the muscles, causing their rapid growth, but also form new muscle cells, resulting in the development of strength (explosive power and power endurance).

Anti-aging therapy. Acceleration of regeneration and the stimulation of metabolism leads to the recovery of the body, strengthening the cardiovascular system and immunity. Increased collagen production improves skin condition, making it more elastic, reduces wrinkles. A number of studies also proves that growth hormone improves the body’s metabolism and stimulates the formation of new bone tissue.
The improvement of memory. It has been shown (mentally retarded children and the elderly), it improves the ability to process information and memory when taking growth hormone.

The contents of one bottle contains mg of 3.33 mg somatropin, which corresponds to 10 IU (International units). Available in the form of white freeze-dried powder for injection.

Recommendations for use:
The contents of the vial diluted with 1 ml of solvent.

Allowed subcutaneous and intramuscular injections.

Since the half-life of the drug does not exceed five hours, the injections should be done daily or twice a day.

In order to restore joints, ligaments and skin ample doses of 3-5 IU ZPtropin a day. The duration of the course shall be not less than 30 days (recommended 3 to 6 months).

A set of muscle mass the Protocol involves daily administration at a dosage of 5-25 IU per day of HGH (5 IU’s still considered extremely small). When dosages of more than 15 IU, it is recommended to connect the insulin to minimize the load on the pancreas (2-5 units of insulin before each meal). Such a high dosage after prolonged use may lead to growth of internal organs of the abdominal cavity, and as a result the bulging belly, so more than 3 months to use dosages of more than 15 IU per day is not recommended.

To achieve the fat burning effects of growth hormone dosage range from 5 IU/day to 10 IU/day (half or whole bottle daily) for two to six months.

Possible side effects ZPtropin.
– Increased blood pressure;
– Hyperglycemia;
– Increased load on the thyroid gland;
–Tunnel syndrome;
– Short-term flushes General weakness.

The caution is to administer growth hormone to individuals with diabetes, hypothyroidism, and intracranial hypertension. People with malignant tumors is strictly prohibited the use of growth hormone in order to avoid in the progression thereof. During pregnancy and lactation the administration of growth hormone is also contraindicated.