Тestoject Neo Labs 300 mg/ml


Substance: Testosterone PropionatePackage: vial (300 mg/ml)


Тestoject Neo Labs 300 mg/ml is a powerful anabolic steroid with moderate androgenic effect and minimum side effects. In bodybuilding this drug is used primarily for a set of high-quality, raised muscle mass, however, and it has many other equally useful effects (burning fat, increasing libido, etc.).
Properties vested in the drug TestObject from NeoLabs, the identical qualities of endogenous testosterone. This means that this anabolic steroid can be used effectively both in sports and in medicine (replacement therapy, normalization of reproductive system, etc.).
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The action and effects in Тestoject Neo Labs 300 mg/ml
At the heart of this reality is known in medical and sporting circles, the steroid testosterone propionate with 100% anabolic and androgenic activity of endogenous testosterone. The duration of substance is considerable, but it is not a huge call – up to 2-3 days. The time of its discovery, to a maximum of 4 weeks. Ie, after 4 weeks after receiving the steroid cannot be detected in doping test.
In the course of TestObject shows effects that are useful in sports practice, and beyond, for example in medicine:
• The increase of muscle mass;
• Burning fat;
• Qualitative improvement of muscles, i.e. increasing the prominence of the muscles;
• Increase in power performance;
• Increased libido and sexual activity.
Have Testoject from Neolabs and the secondary properties are less obvious, but no less useful:
• Normalization of the nitrogen balance of the organism due to the gene transcription initiation;
• It increases the concentration of IGF (insulin-like growth factor) in the liver and muscles;
• Proliferation of satellite cells (cells-satellites) in muscle tissue, which occurs due to hyperplasia and rapid muscle recovery.
It should be noted that the steroid Testogel (testosterone propionate) has two significant differences from other testosterone esters. First, the drug has a relatively small lifespan. Injection at the time of its use are usually placed through the day. Secondly, choosing the right dosage for injection is not water retention in the body or these symptoms when using the steroid are minimal. Let the steroid and allows you to get the highest weights during the course, as does the testosterone enanthate, but muscles during its use turns dry, i.e., endowed with a increased relief.
Also to clarify, what are the side effects, which is considered the main drawback of all steroids, Тestoject Neo Labs 300 mg/ml from NeoLabs virtually absent. The most common disease of steroid is pain, redness or irritation at the injection site. Also, in some cases, the drug can lead to increased aggression, acne, partial hair loss or prostate enlargement.
It is also important that girls can safely use this injectable testosterone in small doses. Thus, the use of women are at levels 25 to 50, maybe 100 mg, is administered the drug after 5 days. Large dosage or application frequency can lead to undesirable consequences.
The last thing worth to mention is storage of the drug. To its effectiveness is not reduced, it should be kept in a dry, protected from light. Make sure to steroid, if desired, will not be able to reach children.