Alphabolin Alpha Pharma 100mg/ml


Substance: Methenolone EnanthatePackage: 5 ampoules (100mg/ml)



Trade Name: Alphabolin
Substance: Methenolone Enanthate
Content: 100mg/ml x 3 amps (1ml)
Manufacturer: Alpha-Pharma

Alphabolin Alpha Pharma 100mg/ml is a powerful drug to develop body mass. Alphabolin tablet is manufactured by the Alpha Pharma, which is capable to improve the lean weight quickly. Alphabolin is a testosterone based steroid which is able to improve the solid mass. Alphabolin is a popular trade name of the anabolic steroid Primobolan. Alphabolin 100mg/ml is a powerful injectable steroid add quality body mass in a short time. Alphabolin is a powerful steroid and it is capable to release testosterone hormone. Alphabolin enhances the accumulation of nitrogen to add solid mass. Alphabolin is capable to improve the protein accumulation to improve the lean mass.

Alphabolin Alpha Pharma 100mg/ml enhances the testosterone, which helps to add solid mass. Alphabolin vial is a highly anabolic steroid. Alphabolin vial enhances the quality body mass without androgenic negative impact. Alphabolin 100mg/ml has 17th carbon methylation, which enhances the lean body mass. Alphabolin is capable to develop solid body weight because it has anti-estrogenic effect and it is capable to reduce the excess body fat. Alphabolin 100mg/ml is a long lasting anabolic steroid so it is recommended weekly.