Androbol Lyka Labs 100mg/ml


Substance: Testosterone CombinationPackage: vial (100mg/ml)


Active chemical substance: blend of testosterones
Manufacturer: Lyka Labs
Concentration: 300 mg in 1 ml (vial 2 ml)
Price for: 1 bottle
2ml vial, 1ml/300mg
Active substance:testosterone cypionate 50mg, testosterone propionate 50mg,testosterone acetate 50mg, testosterone phenylpropionate 50 mg, testosterone decanoate 100 mg.

Recommended dosage of Androbol is considered to be 300mg – 750 mg per week. Novice bodybuilders are advised not more than 500 mg per week.

Course duration is about 6 10недель. At the end of the course, many builders gain 10 kg of muscle mass. Is gaining less than that, there were problems with food, rest and training. Roll back mass after a course of very little, this is due to the high anti-catabolic effects.

Androbol 300 is good in itself, but sometimes it is combined with methane and nandrolone decanoate. And with the Winstrol and turinabol.

Possible side effect the exact same as from all the testosterone and Sustanon:

Gynecomastia (if there is a predisposition) is solved by the use of antiestrogens (Anastrozol) during the course;
Suppression of testosterone production (after a course is restored)
Increase libido
Increased hair growth
After the course do a PCT with clomid.

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Testosterone is the main hormone for achievement of high sports results. It is a male hormone needs to be the Foundation of any competent steroid course. Renowned Indian manufacturer at the time realized it, as he released a special combined drug – androbol 300.

It is a mixture of esters of testosterone with different duration of action (half-life). Is a direct analogue of Sustanon and Omnadren. Contains fast and long esters, in consequence of which it allows you to keep the hormones at about the same level, without peaks and valleys, which allows fast and effective to build muscle mass.

The effects of the course of androbol:

Quick muscle growth;
Small rollback phenomenon, especially when the correct PKT;
Improving strength and power endurance;
The normalization of the status of joints and ligaments;
A small cluster of water, which goes away after the course and makes the body relief;
When used correctly no side effects;
Can be combined with other steroid drugs;
Fast and at the same time, long-term effect due to the mixture of esters;
A rare opportunity to do the injection, which is quite convenient.
How to take androbol

The mixture of testosterone esters with different half-life means 1 injection for 5 days. For beginners, I recommend to use 300 mg per week on the background of the use of other drugs. Solo course androbol undesirable as a combination with other anabolic steroids will reduce the risk of side effects and will boost your muscle mass. The best thing to do long course, 8 to 10 weeks.

For preparations suitable ordinary methane or stanozolol (Winstrol). Some athletes use turinabol. Of course, it’s a good combination, but quite expensive. Among anabolic steroids, you can also pay attention to oxymetholone or common deck. The most preferred long-live – nandrolone decanoate.

Combination with the deck, is a kind of “kachkovski” a classic. High anabolic index of nandrolone and high androgenic testosterone perfectly complement each other, resulting in the risk of side effects is reduced to virtually zero.

For drying androbol not suitable. If this is your first course, you can use androbol with Oxandrolone. But it will have to eat in large doses to 50-60 mg per day, which again is quite expensive in terms of money. Easier to buy methane.

Burns chemists can chop up to 600 mg per week. Beginners don’t how to get a number of side effects.

Side effects of androbol

From the chemical point of view, this testosterone, i.e., androgen expressed. Its abundance in the body can begin aromatization – the conversion of testosterone into female hormones and all the attendant side effects, including gyno. That is why I suggest you stick to the above recommendations. In this case, the negative consequences will not occur.

To prevent side effects should keep a complete set for the FCT, including such drugs as clomid and anastrozole.

Water retention is not serious possible side effect that passes after SEC. The water is discharged and makes the muscles more prominent. Of course, you’ll lose a little weight, but the overall appearance will only get better.