Boldeboliq G-Tech Pharmaceuticals 200 mg/ml


Substance: Boldenone UndecyclenatePackage: 5 ampoules (200 mg/ml)


Boldeboliq G-Tech Pharmaceuticals 200 mg/ml) is an anabolic with low androgenic activity, developed for use in veterinary medicine. Boldeboliq G-Tech Pharmaceuticals 200 mg/ml is similar in structure to testosterone, and the action is slightly softer because it is less androgenic. Boldeboliq (Boldenon) increases muscle mass by increasing nitrogen balance, which in turn leads to increased protein synthesis. The drug significantly improves appetite when taking the drug I want to eat constantly.
Boldeboliq (Boldenon) differs from other steroids is that it stimulates the production of erythropoietin in the kidneys, it increases the number of red blood cells that move oxygen to all body cells. And oxygen AIDS in those sports that require endurance, such as athletics. In bodybuilding this property Boldeboliq (Boldenon) helps to achieve excellent vascularity, not really one other steroid so will not increase the vascularity of the athlete, as Boldeboliq (Boldenon).
Boldeboliq G-Tech Pharmaceuticals 200 mg/ml is most often used in preparation for competition in bodibildinge, it is used to maintain muscle mass during a low calorie diet and to increase vascularity, the disadvantage at this stage is that the drug greatly increases the appetite. Combine Boldeboliq (Boldenon) in this phase with Stanozololum, Trenbolone, Testosterone propionate and Masteron. Boldeboliq (Boldenon) at a dosage of 400-800 mg. a week and 50 mg. injectable Stanozolol a day will help maintain muscle mass, the athlete with a low calorie diet will take the fat and the body will be with great relief and vascularity.
Boldeboliq G-Tech Pharmaceuticals 200 mg/ml is also suitable for course set it of lean muscle mass, of course it will be dry or not, will depend on your diet. For this Boldeboliq (Boldenon) in an amount of 600 mg per week combined with trenbolone 300-400 mg per week. In this combination you can add or Stanazolol 50 mg a day (no matter oral or injectable), or Turinabol at 30-40 mg per day or Testosterone propionate at 100 mg. a day. For beginners “chemists” boldenone will help to gain a little lean mass even solo, with absolutely no side effects and no roll back after the course.
Boldeboliq (Boldenon) will not be superfluous and masonboro aware of because of its ability to increase appetite, they can replace this course Nandrolone Decanoate. The combination will consist of 400-800 mg. Boldeboliq (Boldenon) per week and 500 mg of Sustanon a week. But of course Boldeboliq (Boldenon) is more suitable to get some relief and venous prorisovannost than for muscle mass, especially in experienced athletes. Vryatli they can somehow see the effect in mass from Boldeboliq (Boldenon), when taken together 1000 mg of testosterone a week. Competing athletes must not forget that Boldeboliq (Boldenon) for a long time is defined in the body.