Boldenon Body Pharm LTD 100 mg/ml


Substance: Boldenone UndecyclenatePackage: 10 ampoules (100 mg/ml)


Boldenon Body Pharm LTD 100 mg/ml: detailed description
The drug has the same name of its active substance – boldenone (undecylenate ester). On chemical structure is a derivative of testosterone, structurally similar to methandienone: “methane” (a slang abbreviation) “bold” (a slang abbreviation) is mainly characterized by the absence of 17-alpha-methyl group which allows the first pass to the liver, but makes it hepatotoxic (when taken orally).
What effect Boldenone from Bodyfarm the athlete? Comprehensive, from the enhance appetite to increase strength. To the main effects of the drug include: enough quality muscle gains without excessive water retention or accumulation of fat, increased strength, improved oxygen transport, increase endurance, decrease fatigue, increased appetite, even increased vascularity of the muscles.
It is important that Boldenon Body Pharm LTD 100 mg/ml remains relatively safe for men and women in sports drug. In other words, it rarely provokes side effects androgenic or estrogenic character (if you follow the General guidelines). But to completely eliminate the probability of complications as acne, increased aggression, water retention, headache, suppression of testosterone synthesis, or gynecomastia, is impossible. Women should be especially careful, since possible virilization (it is accompanied by symptoms, like delays of menstruation and coarsening of the voice).
Characteristic of Boldenon Body Pharm LTD 100 mg/ml is characterized by high anabolic activity ≈ 100% of endogenous testosterone, moderate androgenic activity ≈ 50% from endogenous testosterone and long action, the ongoing capacities up to 14-16 days after injection.
Boldenon BodyPharm mainly positively describe the responses of the athletes: as a drug of dominant beneficial effect on side effects that speaks for itself. It is quite effective and relatively safe for both experienced athletes and novice sports fans.
Boldenone from Bodyfarm: rate of application
The working dosage of Boldenon BodyPharm selected individually. But on average it is recommended that: ≈ 400-600 mg (in the framework of 200-800 mg) per week for men; ≈ 50-100 mg (within 25-200 mg) per week for women. The drug dagadarthi, so for optimal effect requires no intensive introduction: the frequency of injection is ≈ twice a week.
Course Boldenon Body Pharm LTD 100 mg/ml to achieve maximum results exercise lasting ≈ 8-10 (under 6-12), and combined: with a variety of properties, sports pharmacology, from tablets to injection turinabol oxymetholone. As the drug boldenone undecylenate it is effectively combined with most relevant today in the sport of steroid hormones.
So, one of the most popular mappings for the growth of lean muscle mass in women is boldenone undecylenate + Methenolone enanthate (or boldenone undecylenate + Oxandrolone) ≈ 8 weeks. Doses substances can vary, but never exceed the moderate-low, because otherwise probable androgenozawisimae masculinization.
Men drying you can suggest a combination of boldenone undecylenate + Methenolone enanthate + Anavar at high doses of substances. The course ≈ 8-10 weeks + 3 weeks release + 3 weeks post-cycle therapy.
The use of Boldenon BodyPharm upon completion, usually accompanies aimed at restoring post-cycle therapy, which involves: either tamoxifen ≈ 10-40 mg per day for 2-4 weeks, or taking clomiphene ≈ 50-150 mg per day for 2-4 weeks.