Decadubol BM Pharmaceuticals 100 mg/ml


Substance: Nandrolone DecanoatePackage: vial (100 mg/ml)


Description Decadubol BM Pharmaceuticals 100 mg/ml
Decabol is an injectable anabolic like active substance is nandrolone decanoate. The effect of the drug is similar to testosterone. The anabolic effect of it is quite strong, what can be said about his androgen action. When used correctly, the drug improves the protein synthesis and the regeneration of bone and muscle tissues. Minimum steroid aromatize and is non-toxic to the liver.
Decadubol 100 improves muscle growth with moderate recoil. Also noted that the drug has a positive effect on red blood cell production, accelerating the process, due to which the blood receives more oxygen. Athletes noted that the drug strengthens the body’s immunity in General.
The price of these injections on our website for everyone, which in combination with properties that make it one of the most effective steroids for muscle growth.
Decadubol BM Pharmaceuticals 100 mg/ml: description of the drug, side effects
This AAS is often called the “steroid time bomb” because of its gradual allocation in the body after injection, it owes it to air decanoate. When used correctly, there is a significant but, at the same time, not such a dramatic increase in muscle mass. Therefore, taking the drug longer than many anabolic steroids.
Decadubol BM Pharmaceuticals 100 mg/ml increases the absorption of amino acids from the small intestine, creating a positive nitrogen balance. Active substance – nandrolone decanoate – activates anabolic processes in bone marrow and improves the production of erythropoietin. As noted, the properties of the drug will help to ensure a powerful growth of muscles and strength, although it can be observed a marked accumulation of fluid in the body.
The active substance anabolic was synthesized in 1950. But, originally, the drug has not found wide application in sports – it happened a few years later. The athletes of yesteryear were familiar with the drug, which was then sold under the trademarks “DECA-Durabolin” or Retabolil. For most bodybuilders, he still remains the most sought-after steroid, what can be said about many other sports, especially Olympic. This is because it is determined by some super-sensitive indicators for the doping test for up to one and a half sometimes two years after the cessation of applications of steroid.
Decadubol BM Pharmaceuticals 100 mg/ml not dangerous for the cardiovascular system and the liver, and at the right dosage and compliance with all recommendations – not showing side effects or are so insignificant that do not represent any problems.
As the guide to Decaloba, when high doses may cause stomach and headaches, increased irritability and increased blood pressure. Also the steroid can cause gynecomastia, and a slight increase in layers of fat. Moreover, side effects can be minimized by taking the drug with or Levodopa Bromocryptine (a prolactin inhibitor). Lowering testosterone levels while taking the drug may reduce libido which restores itself within a month after admission.
Decadubol BM Pharmaceuticals 100 mg/ml: reviews, valid combinations and dosages
Feedback about the steroid indicate that the optimal dosage for athletes with experience ranges from 200 to 500 mg a week. At this dose the drug is most effective for weight. If you do not rush things and use according to instructions Decadubol side effects almost entirely excluded or poorly will, but to neutralize them is not difficult. For beginners, the weekly dose should not exceed 200 mg per week.
Also, if you take into account the reviews about Decadubol 100 from experienced athletes, the dosage should be calculated based on their masses, the experience of other steroids, and physical performance. So, calculation of weekly dose should come from 3 mg per kilogram of body weight of the sportsman, for beginners – 2 mg. the optimal duration of the course is approximately 5 to 8 weeks, depending on the physical characteristics and level of training of the athlete. During this time, the drug gives a gain in muscle mass on average from 4 to 8 kg.
For fast muscle mass anabolic combined with Strombafort, Denebola or Anadrol. Such combinations for the course will increase to 10-12 pounds of muscle. Comments about 100 Decagonal say that the drug is well combined and containing a mixture of esters of testosterone – Sustanon. However, it should be remembered that the regulation of estrogen in the body need to take tamoxifen.
The application also combines effectively with Dianabol or oxymetholone that have strong androgenic properties. Also among the athletes popular combination with Winstrol, which helps to increase libido and reduces the likelihood of gynecomastia. This is evidenced by the reviews from well-known athletes bodybuilders. For fastening of the received result, the course can be completed with Clenbuterol, which creates favorable conditions for burning fat and removing fluid from the body and also help without having to fall back to undergo a catabolic phase after the course.