Dianoged Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals 250 mg/ml


Substance: MethandrostenolonePackage: vial (250 mg/ml)


Dianoged Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals 250 mg/ml
Dianoged Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals 250 mg/ml is a highly efficient steroid with maximum anabolic index and moderate androgenic effects. The main active ingredient of the drug is methadrostenol (methane), which in a short time the increase in muscle mass. Steroid widely used tool among professional athletes, is considered ideal for beginner bodybuilders. Most of the beginners starting the exercises bodybuilding, started with steroid Diagnosed, since in addition to a quick growth of muscles it greatly improves the stamina, the endurance and power parameters.
Properties Dianoged Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals 250 mg/ml
Popular steroid produces a well-known Chinese Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals group, which has long worked on the sports pharmaceutical market. Previously the drug was only made in pill form, but now you can buy methane injection, which is also effective to use. Injections contribute 100% absorption into the bloodstream and are more secure, they have no toxic effect on the liver and at high doses. Steroid injection Diagnosed among athletes are considered the most convenient and practical, it is better to do one shot than to use the pills every 5-6 hours.
Advantages Dianosed
There is a perception that this reality is too weak and may have various side effects. But as shown dianoged reviews bodybuilders, all such statements are untrue. Rather, it is the machinations of the struggle for dominance in the sports market of pharmacology. As proved by the survey conducted by numerous bodybuilders, the drug Dianoged has the best performance and certain advantages:
· Thanks to its powerful anabolic action provides a means of rapid growth of muscles and muscle mass;
· Steady protein synthesis helps to increase appetite, combined with proper diet and sport mode increases strength and produces superior results;
· Regular intake of tablets or methane injection contributes to a stable burning of the subcutaneous fat layer;
· A significant strengthening of the skeletal system and cartilage of the joints;
· Absolute suppression of catabolism (breakdown of protein and the breakdown of muscle tissue).
Another great advantage of tools Dialoged is popular among bodybuilders around the world due to the availability of product and favorable price. In order to obtain high sports results can take a steroid with other drugs, the combination should be individualized. To share experience you can go to any sports forum and find out all the information in dianoged reviews.
Method of application
Tablets to distribute evenly 20-40 mg per day;
Injections – once every 30 mg per day.
The usual course of 6-7 weeks, after there has been a significant increase in mass and strength. The exact dosage are selected individually depending on the characteristics of the human body and the number of trainings. It is better to consult a specialist.

Basically Dianoged side effects associated with overdose of the drug and prolonging a course receiving. This excessive fluid accumulation and the effect of recoil.