Drostanol Lyka Labs 100 mg/ml


Substance: Drostanolone PropionatePackage: vial (100 mg/ml)


Drostanol Lyka Labs 100 mg/ml production Lyka Labs is a steroid drug, is endowed with a high androgenic and moderate anabolic activity. In addition to the strength it is notable for the almost complete harmlessness: the course does not aromatize, has no toxic effects and only rarely exhibit androgenic side effects.
Steroid used mainly by men in heavy and power disciplines, as well as in bodybuilding. In sport it is primarily valued for its ability to significantly improve the quality of muscles, increasing the relief, the density and stiffness of the muscles. Therefore, athletes regularly use his help on the courses of drying. Also, this is a steroid drug may enhance physical performance of athletes, particularly strength and endurance (often used by professional athletes and Amateurs looking to gain strength without increasing mass).
What is Drostanol Lyka Labs 100 mg/ml?
The active ingredient of this drug is the drostanolone dipropionate. This steroid is a modification of dihydrotestosterone with high androgenic and moderate anabolic activity. On the course it does not aromatize, and therefore not able to lead to gynecomastia and other estrogenic “side effects”. On the contrary, he can show some antiestrogenic activity, reducing the conversion of the male sex hormone (testosterone) to female hormones (estrogens).
Also athletes will be useful to know what works drostanolone dipropionate, and, consequently, this drug based on it, for 2-3 days (which is why the injection is recommended to put every second or third day). He excreted from the body within two weeks after the end of the reception, allowing athletes to safely use it when preparing for competitions.
In General, being used on the course built for sporting purposes, the drug Grotanol-100 is able to prove the following useful effects and properties:
• Improves muscles (increases density, hardness and adherence of muscle mass);
• Effectively burns body fat;
• Has anti-estrogenic effects;
• Improves strength of the athlete and increasing endurance;
• Increases the levels of free testosterone in the blood (due to its ability to join the globulin, linking sex hormones).
It is important to note that drostanolone dipropionate and preparations, the active ingredient which it is, refer to the list of the safest steroid drugs. Is no exception to this reality, the course of which practically there are no side effects and actions. More specifically, this steroid medicine, first, do not aromatize and does not lead to gynecomastia, a delay of fluids, or increase in fat, and second, no adverse effects on the liver (non-toxic), and thirdly, only in a few cases contributes to the development/occurrence of acne, baldness and some other androgenic “side effects”.
However, despite the relative harmlessness, Grotanol-100 is still quite strong androgen, so women fear of virilization should use it with caution (for reference: virilization is the process of accumulation features characteristic of the male, gender female). So, girls are not encouraged to inject this medication more often than every three days and use doses exceeding 25 mg.
At the end of the description Drostanol Lyka Labs 100 mg/ml, specify required to preserve its effectiveness storage conditions:
• Closed barrel keep in a dry and inaccessible to moisture and sunlight;
• The surest way to hide it from Pets and children for their own safety;
• Make sure that the storage temperature corresponds to the room indicators.
Course Grotanol-100 (10ml): instructions for use
Use this androgenic and anabolic steroid drug is primarily recommended for those athletes who seek to increase performance of strength and endurance, as well as to quality improvement of the muscles without weight. For these purposes it can be used as a solo on the course, and in combination with other steroids to achieve great results.
What steroids and how to take Drostanol-100 from Onion labs? Just say that options and possible combinations a lot, because drostanolone dipropionate combines well with stanozolol and turinabol, and testosterone, and many other effective and useful in sport means. In fact, here everything is limited only by your experience, imagination and financial possibilities.
For example, for drying and obtaining the maximum relief of muscles, you can make a joint application Grotanol-100 and testosterone propionate (and the drostanolone, and testosterone enter at 100 mg a day). This course lasts about 6 weeks, and at the end of it, the DCR, using the drug Tamoxifen in the amount of about 30 mg per day for 3 weeks (you can also add Tribulus).
If You are primarily aiming for muscle growth, then the rate Grotanol-100 can be combined with the use of methandienone. Following dosage: drostanolone – 50-100 mg a day, Dianabol – in the amount from 30 to 40 mg per day (course duration – 6-7 weeks). By the way, according to the results You can achieve not only a quality increase of the muscles, but also a significant increase in power performance.
In General, recommended for use in sports dosage “Grotanol-100” is 300-500 mg of steroid per week. While the injections are usually placed every two or three days, that is, taking the drug no more often than three times a week. The average duration of his participation is 6-10 weeks.
Specify that to calculate the required dose Drostanol Lyka Labs 100 mg/ml, when You know what dose of steroid You need, simply, because it has the maximum convenient concentration of the active substance. So, for a dose of 100 mg You will need exactly 1 ml of the drug, for dose of 50 mg to 0.5 ml, and so on. To be mistaken difficult.