Enantest G-Tech Pharmaceuticals 100 mg/ml


Substance: Testosterone EnanthatePackage: 5 ampoules (100 mg/ml)


Steroid profile Enantest G-Tech Pharmaceuticals 100 mg/ml:

1. The activity of the substance : 15 days
2. Classification: steroid anabolic / androgenic origin
3. Method of application: injection
4. Dosage: Men 250 mg – 1000mg / Women is not recommended
5. Acne: Yes
6. Water retention: high
7. High blood pressure: in excess of dose
8. Hepatotoxicity: no
9. Aromatase: high
10. DHT(dihydrotestosterone)conversion: Yes
11. Decrease HPTA function(production of testosterone): Yes (which causes a decrease in the size of the eggs, after spending time their size is restored)
12. Anabolic activity(100%) \ Androgenic activity(100%)
13. The detection time is 60 days

Pharmacological action of testosterone enanthate:

One of the most common slow testosterone, has a strong androgenic effect and a strong anabolic. Provides good increase in strength and mass. Weightlifters, powerlifters and bodybuilders appreciate him for it. Despite that the period of validity up to 14 days of injection it is necessary to put not less than 2 times a week.
It’s definitely not a drug for beginners and athletes care about their offspring, gynecomastia, increase in body fat, high blood pressure, acne, vesma often on the course enanthate. Another property of long-testosterone – decrease in sperm production, “contraceptive effect” for very long-term use, gonadotropin treated very successfully. Taking anti-estrogens to get rid of side effects you will also reduce the efficiency of the enanthate, which of course will allow you to increase the dosage and thus the side effects, it is not the best solution, but it is possible to successfully balance between side effects and the necessary effect of not taking the highest doses per week, up to 1000MG and taking estrogen only to relieve the symptoms side effects. Reaching effect immediately to stop them.
I want to note that enanthate G-tech Pharmaceuticals holds very little water and is better tolerated. At the end of the course a tangible phenomenon rollback. Another important point, about which little is written and less talking – increases primary sexual characteristics – with regular, constant and often high consumption of testosterone in addition to muscle growing and the penis. The same effect is in women – clitoral enlargement, physics of the clitoris and the penis in men similar. One friend of the athlete using testosterone almost always confirmed this effect.

The use of Enantest G-Tech Pharmaceuticals 100 mg/ml:

Admission (for men): For athletes the dosage of 250 to 500(750-1000) mg/week, courses from 4 to 8(12) weeks. Such doses sufficient for maximum muscle growth and strength gains.
Reception (women’s): due to the high androgenic activity of women is not recommended.