Induject-250 Alpha Pharma 250mg/ml


Substance: Testosterone CombinationPackage: 10 ampoules (250mg/ml)


Induject-250 Alpha Pharma 250mg/ml description

Other names Induject-250 Alpha Pharma 250mg/ml are Sustanon, lyrical and ironic, Sustamed, Shusterman. In this preparation the combined effects of the four different esters of testosterone. It applies if the body is unable to produce its own hormone in sufficient quantities, and very popular in sports pharmacology.

The product is suitable to the low frequency of injecting, with their sufficient performance. It has high anabolic and androgenic activity, no adverse effects on the liver and doesn’t show up on a drug test. Allows you to quickly gain muscle mass and increase strength, increases the appetite and sexual desire.


Normal course duration is 6-8 weeks. Injections are made once a week for maintenance therapy in dosage from 250 to 500 mg. If you want to extend the course, doctors recommend that you also include the gonadotropin. Also for a set of muscle mass is a well-established combination with Sustanon Nandrolone and Winstrol adds to the drying and set of relief.

Don’t forget to consult with your doctor for the selection of the right set of steroids. This will save you from side effects and ensure a more pronounced effect. In addition, like any other drug, Sustanon is recommended to combine with proper sports nutrition.

Contraindications and side effects

To take Sustanon is not young athletes under the age of majority. Moreover, because estrogenic activity, on the background of the drug may be developing gynecomastia and other negative effects on hormonal balance. It is suppressed by aromatase inhibitors and other angeschlagene.

Prolonged use of Sustanon may develop testicular atrophy, so be sure to consult your doctor about duration and concurrent use of other hormones. However, at observance of instructions for use, all the negative effects can be avoided.