Mastatek Devatek Pharmaceuticals 300 mg/ml


Substance: Drostanolone PropionatePackage: vial (300 mg/ml)


Active substance: Mastatek Devatek Pharmaceuticals 300 mg/ml

Mastatek Devatek Pharmaceuticals 300 mg/ml was originally used exclusively in medicine for the treatment of breast cancer, but at the moment, due to its physicochemical properties, this drug is very popular among professional bodybuilders and weightlifters. Masteron is the best alternative for those athletes who do not want to resort to “heavy” anabolic steroids and enter into the mode of large quantities of injectable testosterone. Reasonable price for Masteron also justifies its demand among beginners and experienced athletes who resort to gentle and “soft” drugs.

The effect of Mastatek Devatek Pharmaceuticals 300 mg/ml
Well-composed and selected individually the course of Masteron solo will allow in a relatively short time to achieve the following effect:

activation of muscle growth;
support muscle definition and hardness of the muscles during the “drying”;
increase strength and endurance;
save the necessary weight category;
preventing the accumulation of fluid in the body.
That is why Mastatek Devatek Pharmaceuticals 300 mg/ml is used in the training process as easy and weightlifters. The steroid allows you to make the muscle tissue denser, to emphasize their definition. Feedback from those athletes who already decided to buy Mastatek Devatek Pharmaceuticals 300 mg/ml and included in his regime, show a decrease in fat mass by about 5-9% of the original for one course of treatment.

Despite its efficiency and practicality, the steroid is not dangerous for health. So, side effects of Masteron can appear for violation of dosages or incorrectly drafted, and can be expressed in partial baldness or acne, virilization in women.