Mastever Vermodje 100 mg/ml


Substance: Drostanolone PropionatePackage: 5 ampoules (100 mg/ml)


Mastever Vermodje 100 mg/ml (Masteron) is an injectable anabolic steroid preparation with Datsyuk substance drostanolone, from a known brand Vermodje. It is very soft in its action, it is the reality of professional bodybuilders, which is used during drying, to preserve narushennoi muscle mass, and also during preparation for competition.

Mostever also an essential preparation in the courses as boxers, swimmers, athletes, etc., it is used with the aim to maintain their weight category. Very effective in increasing strength in powerlifting, reduces the percentage of fat under the skin, but no increase of body weight.

As demonstrated by the practical application of matavera, it does not cause water retention and can reduce the fat layer of the order of 5-8%. The drug, on the contrary, he has a diuretic effect, enhances definition and relief.

Drostanolone is an absolute favorite of athletes in the precompetitive period, it abruptly increases the hardness, stiffness of the muscles and increases its density. This anabolic steroid where the athlete is building quality muscle mass.

Mastever Vermodje 100 mg/ml: effects

Relief of dryness of the muscles, venous prorisovannost;
Prepares muscle mass, makes it qualitative.
Reduces the percentage of fat by 5-8%;
greatly increases power characteristics;
maintains typed a lot; has anti-catabolic effect;
helps to achieve a significant definition of the muscles, making them stiff, tight;
mild diuretic;
has antiestrogenic activity (aromatase inhibitor).
Helps to achieve the maximum expression of the muscles, increases its density.
Course Masteron

The drug is completely safe regarding estrogen adverse reactions, is not subject to conversion into estrogens and does not have progestin-only activity. But, as a strong androgen at high doses may cause acne, alopecia, and increase the aggressiveness of the athlete.

To the 90s drostanolone did not show on doping tests. Today there are methods of identifying metabolites in the urine, so to protect themselves, competing athletes need to stop injection matavera 3-4 weeks before the test.

Masteron is Vermodje best combined with Winstrol depot. Stanozolol reduces SHBG, which at times enhances the action of matavera. Massonary cycle may very well build on a combination of Masteron with testosterone propionate.

Other effective combinations with Boldenone, Trenbolone.

The duration of this course: 6-12 weeks.

Effective dosage: 400 to 600 mg/week. A higher dosage of the drug slightly increase the effectiveness of the course, but will greatly increase the risks. Injection of a propionate ester are done 2-3 times/week, to maintain an even blood concentration of the active substance.