Methanoliq G-Tech Pharmaceuticals 100 mg/ml


Substance: MethandrostenolonePackage: 5 ampoules (100 mg/ml)



Methandienone – injection, the same methane as in the pills, but there is a difference! Any losses on the gastrointestinal tract, virtually bypassing the liver injecting methane starts. This form is much more effective and brighter reveals the work of the drug, especially important to those whose gastrointestinal tract cannot withstand tabletirovanii form.
Injections through the day, most don’t.

Steroid profile Methanoliq G-Tech Pharmaceuticals 100 mg/ml:
1. The active substance : 5 hours
2. Classification: Steroid Anabolic / Androgenic origin
3. Method of application: tablets
4. Dosage: Men 10-50mg\day Women 2-5(10) mg/day
5. Acne: Yes
6. Water retention: Yes
7. High blood pressure: Yes
8. Hepatotoxicity: Yes
9. Aromatase: Yes
10. Progestogenic activity: low
11. DHT(dihydrotestosterone)conversion: No
12. Decrease HPTA function(production of testosterone): Yes(With prolonged use)
13. Anabolic activity(200%)\ Androgenic activity(50%)
14. Detection time – 120 days

Pharmacological action of Methanoliq G-Tech Pharmaceuticals 100 mg/ml:

Methanoliq G-Tech Pharmaceuticals 100 mg/ml is one of the basic drugs to gain muscle mass and strength, “bread lifter” so he is popular, and is often used that has a nickname. Methandrostenolone causes a significant accumulation of water in the athlete’s body, increasing the amount of nitrogen.
It is also called “anabolic good mood”, in fact, taking steroid you feel full, strong, confident. Unfortunately, these feelings as well as, strength and mass disappear after the end of the reception, there is not a lot. All the water that goes out of the cells.
By the way, the more vodonapornoy methandrostenolone the more it methyltestosterone, then the quality of such products is not high. Some athletes wonder, metrocabs no such effect or it is not significant as so pure of products they have not yet encountered.
Methandrostenolone is perfectly combined as with anabolics and androgens are available for any combination. The dosage is typically 20-50 mg per day, should be taken every 5-8 hours because the life blood of the drug is not long. The daily dose is divided proportionally.
To take more than 50 mg per day, does not give positive results, but significantly increases side effects!

For athletes, the health conscious, recommend using turinets its action is similar side effects a lot less.

Side effects of methandienone (methandrostenolone):

1. High blood pressure
2. Increase in libido during the course and a temporary decrease after the course.
3. Acne
4. Testicular atrophy
5. Hair loss
6. Masculinization women
7. Cardiac hypertrophy
8. Gynecomastia
9. Toxicity to the liver
10. Fluid retention