Nandrobol Lyka Labs 200 mg/ml


Substance: Blend of 4 NandrolonesPackage: vial (200 mg/ml)


Nandrobol Lyka Labs 200 mg/ml
Nandrobol Lyka Labs 200 mg/ml is a versatile steroid which provides a high level of growth of muscles, does not collect fluid in the body, non-toxic and contains restorative properties for articular and bone tissues.

Androbol submitted by the company Lyka Labs — steroid action tool that allows you to gain muscle mass, improve stamina performance, and also enhances immunity.

Nandrobol Lyka Labs 200 mg/ml product series anabolic steroid, which is produced only in several countries: Moldova and India. The composition contains a mixture of four components nandrolone — decanoate (100 mg), propenoate (50 mg), cypionate (50 mg) and phenylpropionate (50 mg). The secret of this formula is that included in the work alternately, each of nandrolone provides a particularly long time effect from the injections.

The tool begins to act quite quickly, and a high concentration of the substance present in an organism sufficiently long time. With all of this, liquid is not accumulated, the processes of aromatization are virtually absent, and toxicity in the liver is zero. With regard to the acquisition, Androbol 250 you can buy in specialized Internet stores.

The positive qualities and effects of Nandrobol Lyka Labs 200 mg/ml
-Rapid increase of muscle fibers, with the right approach and training, will provide a set of about 8-10 kg net weight

-Saturation of blood vessels with red blood cells, which allows to increase the stamina performance, especially in aerobic sports
-Shows good quality in the protection of the immune system and helps strengthens the property in bone and joint tissues, increases the production of lubrication
The manner of impact on the body will be prolonged and last for about 3 weeks. First aired propionate is activated immediately after injection, after 3-6 day will involve phenyl, (10 to 14 days) aktiviziruyutsya cypionate, and at the final stage will start the action of decanoate.

Methods of application and dosages Nandrobol Lyka Labs 200 mg/ml
Start Androbol 250 rate should account for the physical preparation of the athlete and the existing experience in the application of AC. The average dose will be increased from 250 to 750 mg 7 days. Following the recommendations to carry out the injections need with a frequency of 1 every 10-15 days, due to the pronounced synergistic effect of the effect of esters.

For a stronger result, combined with the drug methandienone, right before the beginning of the course, you should consult a specialist as the air not one but includes a few immediately. Such a procedure would be very complex, and in the case of small experience in use is not only ineffective, but will appear in the side symptoms.