Nandrobolin 250 Alpha Pharma 250mg/ml


Substance: Nandrolone DecanoatePackage: 10 ampoules (250mg/ml)


Nandrobolin 250 Alpha Pharma 250mg/ml – steroid anabolic and androgenic nature. Nandrolone decanoate can be called a classic, old-fashioned steroid. “DECA” was made in 1962 and is still widely used by representatives of almost all sports. It is noteworthy that the human body under certain conditions, namely, long and continuous loads, can secrete a hormone. However, the output is the minimum that has been confirmed by studies (concentration 19-norandrosterone, the primary metabolite does not exceed several milligrams per milliliter urine). It should be noted that today, in addition to decanoate, there is phenylpropionate and even propionate nandrolone, but “DECA” continues to occupy a leading position.
Alpha Pharma Nandrobolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) 250 mg/ml amp 10×1 ml

Chemically active substance Nandrobolin is a 19-nortestosterone, i.e. testosterone, not having the 19-th position of the carbon atom. Steroid has progestinum nature. Compared to testosterone, the androgenic effects of Nandrobolin less and is one third. Anabolic activity and a half times higher. Decanoate – ether with long lateral chain, and therefore, professional athletes hardly get to use Nandrobolin without the risk of being caught for doping control. The metabolites of nandrolone can be detected 18 months after the last injection.
Effects from taking Androbolic
Pronounced muscle hypertrophy. Solo course Nandrobolin dieting gives you the opportunity to gain up to 8 pounds. Thus a post-cycle therapy, and the appropriate pharmacology course to minimize the phenomenon of recoil.
The strengthening of bones. Previously, nandrolone has been used for medical purposes for the treatment of osteoporosis. Androbolic from alpha Pharma stimulates the secretion of collagen and synovial fluid, thereby enhances the mobility of the joints.
Improving oxygen transport. The steroid stimulates the formation of red blood cells – red blood cells. Nandrobolin allows the athlete to significantly increase endurance due to the fact that their muscles receive oxygen in greater volume.
Strengthening the immune system. The drug improves overall health of the athlete.
How to take Nandrobolin 250 Alpha Pharma 250mg/ml
Course Nandrobolin it is recommended that athletes wishing to obtain a prolonged effect. Building muscle is extended in time. The recommended duration of the course depending on the experience of the athlete in taking AAS, objectives and physiological characteristics, ranging from 8 to 10 weeks. Efficiently perform injection weekly, at a dosage of 300-600 milligrams. The increase in the rate significantly increases the risk of adverse side effects. When tightening the course over two months, you should use human chorionic gonadotropin – the hormone that stimulates the synthesis of testosterone.
As for how to take Nandrobolin 250 in combination, the recommended combinations are mixes of methandrostenolone nandrolone, Testosterone, Sustanon, and Winstrol. These drugs are steroid combined best of all, provides a synergistic effect in many respects, and also has a low incidence of adverse reactions.
To view more detailed information on this drug you will be able in the subject of Nandrolone decanoate.
Side effects
Androbolic is a fairly safe steroid. Due to its low androgenic activity, reactions like acne, hair loss or baldness almost never occur. Also, nandrolone does not cause estrogenic effects. Side effects from Nandrobolin can be the following: often – headache (about a fifth of the users), rarely – rhinitis, back pain and a back rash.
Reviews about Nandrobolin 250 Alpha Pharma 250mg/ml
The steroid is very popular among athletes, and feedback from Alpha Pharma Nandrobolin is not uncommon. Most athletes appreciate low frequency injection, which avoids the formation of “bumps” in place of injections (as it happens with propionate) and pain at the injection site. As for the effects, in the opinion of the majority, they meet the stated.
Reviews about Nandrolone generally positive, except for 2-3% of users, faced with the phenomenon of recoil and side effects. However, according to athletes, their condition was normalized shortly after discontinuation of the steroid.