Nandrolone D 20% Balkan Pharmaceuticals 200mg/ml


Substance: Nandrolone DecanoatePackage: 5 ampoules (200mg/ml)


The steroid drug in a classical expression. In its structure the active ingredient similar to testosterone. But it is peculiar and its own characteristics. In particular, nandrolone decanoate is endowed with strong anabolic properties and reduced androgenic effect. The steroid acts on the body so that triggers protein synthesis and stimulates muscle tissue and bone repair processes.

In addition to this, the product has a unique ability to enhance the intake of amino acids by the body and align a positive nitrogen balance.

The drug is allocated such positive characteristics as capacity anabolicescoe effect in the bones and increase the excretion of erythropoietin. When the increase helps to better transport the oxygen, and to improve human performance. It becomes more resilient, which is important for the active athlete.

Continuous administration ofNandrolone D 20% Balkan Pharmaceuticals 200mg/ml helps the athlete in a short time efficiently to gain muscle mass. This improves General fitness, the body becomes stronger and more resilient by the inclusion of immune protection.

For the purchase of the drug, please contact only in specialized shops to avoid fake. Only by visiting official of the seller (including online store), you buy original product.

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OF PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS Nandrolone D 20% Balkan Pharmaceuticals 200mg/ml
Nandrolone was released in 1962. From that moment on, it immediately began to actively engage in its work, the athletes, especially bodybuilders. The drug became popular immediately. It was originally produced in the form of injections and is referred to drugs.

The price for this product was affordable, and this has made the demand for Nandrolone D 20% stable. Steroids well bought up. The quality of the result that was obtained from its reception, was a pleasant surprise for athletes.

Many athletes from professional sports environment used injections. Constantly there were scandals over doping samples at the presence in the blood of athletes of nandrolone. Why are only the cases in Spanish and Italian football matches, where the disqualification was received from the groups of players.

HOW TO USE Nandrolone D 20% Balkan Pharmaceuticals 200mg/ml RATE?
This drug has a delayed effect, because the effect of his admission appears quickly, but lasts a long time. When a person takes the drug, he may observe a slow and systematic increase of the final result.

In this regard, directional reception of the product should last a long time. The only way to achieve a good result, which is manifested fully, as I want to the athlete. On average, the manufacturer recommends taking the medication continuously for two months. If your experience and fitness level allows, the length of treatment may be increased to three months.

In order not to harm the health, athletes are recommended to take a dose of 200 to 600 mg for 7 days. Often athletes themselves identify for themselves the necessary dose and take anabolic dosed based on their body mass.

Practice shows that the averaged dosage of Nandrolone D 20% on 1 kg of weight does not exceed 4 mg. This calculation for 7 days. If you increase the dose, remember that the risk of side effects. Overdose of the drug can cause irreparable harm.

If the experience of receiving steroids the athlete is small, then it is recommended to take a dose of injection, not to exceed 400 mg for 7 days. To the beginner it is quite enough this volume of the substance to systematically and efficiently to gain weight while increasing the strength, endurance and overall health.

In any case it is impossible to take large doses of Nandrolone D 20% Balkan Pharmaceuticals 200mg/ml in the first year. This is not only dangerous, but unwise. To start is to decide what dose can carry your body.

Manufacturer Balkan Pharma produces, perhaps, the most effective steroid drug that helps to gain muscle mass. If you comply with all written manufacturer’s recommendations, the results from the use of Nandrolone D 20% not long to wait. Any athlete can gain up to 10 pounds of muscle.

The combination of the drug should be completed in the following way. Effect when weight must be at the end of the course backed by clenbuterol that will help slow the catabolic phase after the course. It will emphasize the relief of artificial muscles.

In addition, the anabolic in the form of injection is considered to be an excellent basis in order to combine it with drugs, when effective mass, namely, methandienone, testosterone and turinabol.

Nandrolone can be safely used in conjunction with the injection stanozololum. One should not focus solely on pill form. After a course of therapy manufacturers and experts recommend the resort to receive clomiphene citrate or tamoxifen.

POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS Nandrolone D 20% Balkan Pharmaceuticals 200mg/ml
A key advantage of the drug is that it does not influence destructively on the functioning of the heart and liver. Simply put, it is harmless in reasonable quantities for the cardiovascular system.

If during the course of admission Nandrolone you will experience some side effects, you know – they are short-lived and occur quickly. The situation may not go according to the script only when the administration of steroid drug higher dosage. With an overdose of product from Moldova, you may experience headache, increased blood pressure, pain syndromes in the abdomen and increased irritability.

Contacting the cells of the pituitary gland, the drug is able to speed up the production of prolactin, which is structurally similar to estrogen, affecting a higher proportion of body fat, lowering testosterone production. In turn, these effects can cause low libido. But it can be restored soon. This will take a long time.