Nandrotek Devatek Pharmaceuticals 100 mg/ml


Substance: Nandrolone DecanoatePackage: 10 ampoules (100 mg/ml)


Nandrotek Devatek Pharmaceuticals 100 mg/ml is an injectable steroid, well-proven for healing the joints and build muscle.


Originally, a deck was created back in the 60’s, as a remedy against delay of growth and for the treatment of anemia. Today it is used for fast and effective muscle growth many athletes. However, the drug has the effect of virilization, therefore, is not recommended for women.

Buy Dekos, and the people just “Spaz”, it is possible in an injection form. This drug is sold in 10-ml dosage, and the concentration of active substance in it is 300 mg/ml – hence the name. In our online shop you will find not only the most attractive price of Nandrolone, but also prompt delivery in any city of Kazakhstan: Astana, Almaty, Karaganda and others.

Useful properties Nandrotek Devatek Pharmaceuticals 100 mg/ml

All the benefits of Nandrolone are already rightly appreciated by the athletes and bodybuilders. Because it not only allows you to gain muscle mass in a short time, but also improves the health of joints. However, he does not allow the fluid to linger in the body, which is also a very valuable quality.

Side effects Nandrotek Devatek Pharmaceuticals 100 mg/ml

Make Deka injections are contraindicated for people with heart failure, as well as having diseases of the liver and kidneys. Women are strictly forbidden to take Etuhu during pregnancy and while nursing. Also contraindication is hypersensitivity to the active substances. Otherwise or in case of overdose, Nant cause side effects, up to stop production of testosterone by your body. You may also notice skin rashes, swelling and problems with the stomach and intestines. Some of the athletes among the side effects are headache and a General feeling of discomfort.

Application features Nandrotek Devatek Pharmaceuticals 100 mg/ml

If you are a beginner athlete, take Decabol not more than recommended 100-200 mg per week. For those who already has experience taking steroids, the dosage may be higher – up to 400-600 mg. If you exceed these doses, you will not achieve a greater effect, but the risk of side effects may increase. Be careful and be sure to consult with a sports doctor before taking.

After completing the course, some take Stanazolol to keep up body weight or clenbuterol that increase fat burning. In addition, this combination will help to minimize side effects.