Nubol British Dragon Pharmaceutical Ltd. 200mg/ml


Substance: Nandrolone PhenylpropionatePackage: vial (200mg/ml)


Nubol British Dragon Pharmaceutical Ltd. 200mg/ml is an effective steroid drug, active substance is nandrolone decanoate. His production deals with Hong Kong pharmaceutical company British Dragon Pharmaceuticals Ltd, he is used mainly as part of the sports practice: athletes of different disciplines are using it to achieve a pronounced increase in muscle mass, strength and strengthen the body.
May be anabolic to have some use in medicine, because the nandrolone as the active material was originally developed for use there. It is then he and his broadcasts became popular among athletes and began to be used by both professionals and Amateurs to improve results. Note that nandrolone decanoate and, in our days, regularly prescribed to patients as medicine.
Nubol British Dragon Pharmaceutical Ltd. 200mg/ml Injection, what is it?
The active ingredient of this drug was synthesized in the mid-20th century, in the pharmaceutical market, it first appeared in 1962-m to year. Then nandrolone decanoate sold under the brand name “DECA Durabolin”. To our time it has become one of the most common and popular steroids in sports, having achieved popularity thanks to its strong anabolic effect and relatively small incidence of side effects.
Incidentally, thanks to being in the active substance Soundboard Nobel boasts a pronounced anabolic activity equal to 150% of testosterone, while he has moderate androgenic activity – only 30% of testosterone.
Also note that Nubol British Dragon Pharmaceutical Ltd. 200mg/ml is a steroid prolonged action. The period of his activity comes before fifteen days from the receipt of that a lot. So no need for frequent administration of injections: usually athletes put nandrolone decanoate once a week.
What effects Soundboard Nobol useful in the context of the sport, can occur when using it on the course? The beneficial effect of this drug is almost entirely focused on the development of physical fitness and strengthening the body of an athlete:
• A marked increase in muscle mass;
• Strengthening of the immune defense;
• Increase RBC mass of the blood;
• Increased power;
• Improve oxygen transport in the body;
• Elimination of joint pain;
• Strengthening the bone structure of the body.
In fairness it should be noted that this drug nandrolone characterized not only by positive but also some side effects. In particular, it is known that its reception may lead to suppression of natural testosterone production, which is fraught with consequences, for example, a decrease in libido. The reason is that long-lived metabolites of nandrolone endowed with progestogenic activity, and the steroid is a long time in the organism.
On the other hand athletes taking Deca Nubol Injection, almost not be concerned about side effects associated with aromatization. Problems such as gynecomastia and excessive accumulation of fluids in the body can be felt only by prolonged ingestion of high doses of the drug, namely more than 400 mg per week.
In conclusion, we add that the storage of this injectable steroid should be carried out in a dry and dark place with the temperature within the room. For the safety of the barrel with the drug should be safely hidden from children and/or Pets.
The course of injections Soundboard Nobel
Swiping the correct use of this drug, athlete can achieve a significant improvement in physical fitness and strengthen the body, improve strength, increase muscle mass, improve oxygen transport and even strengthen the immune system.
How to take Nubol British Dragon Pharmaceutical Ltd. 200mg/ml within the sport? It is a steroid remedy, as well as nandrolone decanoate, in most cases used in combination with other drugs AAS. This is done to ensure that at the end of the course to obtain more expressive results. What anabolics and androgens can be combined with this drug?
Course Deca Nubol plus Sustanon can help You achieve a more significant increase in muscle mass. Regimen is the following: is nandrolone decanoate in doses of 200-400 mg per week, Sustanon is used in a dosage of about 250-500 mg per week, the output is stanozolol 40 mg per day, the DCR – tamoxifen or clomiphene citrate, is also used the drug Proviron (from the first week at 25 mg per day).
In turn, the common course of Deka Nobel + turinabol + stanozolol may be suitable for those athletes who aspire to more significant strength gains and getting enough quality muscles. Regimen you can use the following: nandrolone decanoate 200 mg / week, turinabol 40 mg day 1 to week 6, from 5 to 8 week steroid stanozolol injections 50 mg a day, the DCR – again, clomiphene citrate or tamoxifen.
If to speak in General, usually the application of Deka Nobel is carried out in doses of 200 to 600 mg per week (men). Steroid has a long lifespan (about fifteen days), so often it is not put, usually used once a week. Courses with its long participation. Important: women can carry out the use of Deca Nubol in sport is not less effective than men. But not so simple – the athletes are recommended to receive only a small dose – 50 mg (max 100 mg) per week.
Also note that by accessing our Forum, You will thoroughly understand how to make a Soundboard Nobol what doses to use and what kind of steroids it is combined. Here you can chat with consultants online and receive useful tips for taking this and many other pharmacological agents. Incidentally, among the consultants AthleticPharma there are specialists such as a sports doctor and even trainer on bodybuilding.