Oleatest-50 Propiotest G-Tech Pharmaceuticals 100 mg/ml


Substance: Testosterone PropionatePackage: 10 ampoules (100 mg/ml)


Some athletes do not pay enough attention to this steroid unlike testosterone cypionate and promoted in Europe, testosterone enanthate. Propiotest (Testosterone Propionate) low valued in weightlifting, powerlifting, and bodybuilding not because he was no good, but because a little that I know about propionate and the use of this drug. Of course it makes no sense to say that Propiotest (Propic) the most effective testosterone, but in some areas it differs from enanthate and cypionate, as it is inherent in specific qualities. The main difference of testosterone propionate from of enanthate and cypionate in duration of action. Oleatest-50 Propiotest G-Tech Pharmaceuticals 100 mg/ml (Propac) has a much shorter duration of action than enanthate and cypionate. Propiotest (Propic) acts on the body of the athlete a day or two. At 100 mg. Oleatest-50 Propiotest G-Tech Pharmaceuticals 100 mg/ml (Propic) increased the testosterone level is visible in about 2 days, with 250 mg of testosterone enanthate about 2 weeks. Oleatest-50 Propiotest G-Tech Pharmaceuticals 100 mg/ml (Propec) is a strong androgen, like other testosterones is very effective in increasing muscle mass and strength. But the difference is that at the rate Propiotest (Propic) the athlete’s body stores a much smaller amount of liquid. Action Propiotest (Propec) on the body begins almost immediately, after one day, the athlete feels the vigor, increase appetite, increase strength, and pump.
The initial dosage will fit 50, 100 mg. Propiotest (Propic). So for example, you can start the course testosterone cypionate, some days putting Propiotest (Propic). This is for those who do not want to wait for the commencement of preparations with prolonged action in the beginning of the course. After a few days the propionate effect weakens again is the injection 100 mg in 2 days increased due to the propionate testosterone level is again lowered, but at this time testosterone level is already starting to increase the drug is long-acting and continued taking propionate is not needed. Thus, the athlete increases the level of testosterone very quickly, but thanks to the long-acting steroid, this level will remain for a long time.
Application Propiotest (Propic) in conjunction with other steroids is also very common. You need to enter the injection Propiotest (Propic) at least every two days, the best course for every day at a dose of 100mg. the Athlete will gain less fluid, as already described above, than the cypionate and enanthate, in this regard, Propiotest (Propic) like to use athletes who don’t want to look puffy. To increase muscle mass suitable combination of 100 mg Propiotest (Propic) per day or in a day, 30-50 mg of Methandrostenolone per day. The main purpose Propiotest (Propic) in bodybuilding is training for performances, as well as athletes. In podgotovitelno phase of the competition, during the diet used Oleatest-50 Propiotest G-Tech Pharmaceuticals 100 mg/ml (Propic) to keep muscle loss to a minimum, to retain the density and elasticity of the muscles. Propiotest (Propic) is ideally suited for this as it is to all of the above is not gaining fluid in the body. A combination of 100 mg Propiotest (Propic) every day or every other day, 50 mg of Stanozolol long-acting a day, 40-50 mg Oxandrolone give good results.
Girls appreciate Propiotest (Propec), since, if properly used, it’s no androgenic side effects. Female athletes enter Propiotest (Propic) every 4-6 days and see the results. Androgenic effect helps athletes to recover faster without any additional problems with health. Women dosage 50 mg at a time. Higher dosages and frequent injections will certainly improve the results, but not worth the risk, to be more like a man than a husband to anyone I think is not necessary. The duration of the course is not recommended to exceed 8 to 12 weeks, but to increase protein synthesis it is better to add more anabolic steroids: DECA Durabolin, Oxandrolone, Stanozolol.
Athletes of beginners is not ready to accept, for example Sustanon, fearing side effects, you can try to start with Oleatest-50 Propiotest G-Tech Pharmaceuticals 100 mg/ml (Propic). Palocci when it encountered less and less prevalent, because the weekly amount Propiotest (Propic) is usually less precipitate than Enanthate. 50 mg per day is only 350 mg a week and injections Enanthate are far beyond 1000 milligrams per week. Also Propiotest (Propic) with the cypionate and enanthate softer chemical substance and acts on the body is also softer. The athlete believes that he needs daily testosterone injections should pay attention to propionate.
Propiotest (Propic) makes no sense to inject less than a day, increasing dosage, as due to the fact that it is a short the drug would be too obvious fluctuations in the level of testosterone in the body and will increase risk of side effects. Some weightlifters and powerlifters are put one the day before the competition a huge dosage Propiotest (Propic) to the next day with lots of testosterone and androgen in the blood to improve previous results. But this method of course will only fit in the competition without doping control.
Propiotest (Propic) suitable for use before competition , if it is necessary not to fail the drug test. Possible failure due to premature sovershennoleniya steroids before competitions, through the use of Oleatest-50 Propiotest G-Tech Pharmaceuticals 100 mg/ml (Propic). This is possible because after taking Propiotest (Propic) indicator T/Epitestosterone in the urine decreased with the concentration of testosterone in the blood. Indicator T/Epitestosteron falls below kriticheskogo values, and the results still hold. This gave the opportunity to some competent athletes go to doping control and to be confident in a negative result. After inhali testosterone propionate, increases the level of testosterone in the blood and the indicator T/Epitestosterone in the urine. Then T/Epitestosteron sharply reduced, and the level of testosterone in the blood decreases slowly. Indicator T/Epitestosterone exceeds the permitted value up to a maximum 3 days after injection.