Parabolan-100 Designer Labs 100 mg/ml


Substance: Trenbolone HexahydrobenzylcarbonatePackage: 10 ampoules (100 mg/ml)


Designer Labs is a little-known Chinese lab that produces steroids. Finding information on this brand is of great difficulty, for even in the seemingly vast expanses of the Internet, almost nothing about this underground organization there. Typed several variations of the conjecture and the possible failure of Designer Labs, a couple of positive reviews (most likely from the DL), and a little more descriptions of negative experiences associated with their products. Designer Labs — another murky mystery in the market of steroids. Of course, we can agree with the fact that DL is the existing reality laboratory, successfully developing in China. But still, it’s better to turn your mind and remember that when choosing a supplier of pharmacological support — it is better to follow the opinion of the majority, not to become a “pioneer”.

Looking at these names, we can safely assume that the lab is trying to promote themselves through the use of foreign brands. For example Parabolan-100 Designer Labs 100 mg/ml is the trenbolone the first drug on the basis of produced in France. “Deka” — derived from the name of the drug the Netherlands “DECA-Durabolin”, which are produced by the factory “Organon”. “Testant” — old Russian testosterone, production of which was halted in 1998. About manufactured by all and Sundry “bold 200” can only remain silent. It is known that the DL added to the prolonged solutions of testosterone and nandrolone special medical oil, replacing the conventional for almost all producers of technical pharmacology. This feature, in theory, promises a less painful injection than when using solutions on the basis of technical oils. Some Russian Internet users have noticed this fact, confirming that the introduction of a solution causes less discomfort, unlike other similar drugs. On this, most likely out of its visible advantages. It is obvious that the painless injection of a drug doesn’t mean it’s undoubted quality and ability to lead to a significant improvement in performance. Athletes who used design laboratories most often noted the presence of non-essential gain of speed-strength abilities and muscle mass, but this effect is not nearly could be compared with products such as British Dragon, Balkan Pharmaceuitcals, or Pharmaceuticals.