Parabolan Balkan Pharmaceuticals 100mg/ml


Substance: Trenbolone HexahydrobenzylcarbonatePackage: 10 ampoules (100mg/ml)


The concentration of the active substance: 100 mg/ml.
Manufacturer: SC Balkan Pharmaceuticals SRL (Moldova).
Active substance: trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate (trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate).
Parabolan is the steroid drug production Balkan Pharmaceuticals high anabolic activity and strong androgenic properties. The main field of application is the practice of sports. It is used in bodybuilding, weightlifting and many other up-to-date disciplines primarily for marked muscle mass and increase physical performance. Among the effects inherent in this drug, there are a variety of improvements, from fat burning and increased power to increase the level of IGF and increase in libido during the course.
Description Parabolan 100
The active ingredient of the drug, trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, is an ester of trenbolone long-term. Unlike ether acetate this steroid is valid for about 14 days after the injection, so there is no need of too frequent use (usually during the course of injection are placed once or twice in full week), which is a significant plus for athletes, poorly tolerate the injections.
Trenbolone Parabolan itself is, as already mentioned, the potent anabolic and androgen. The index of anabolic activity – 400% of endogenous testosterone, in turn, the index of androgenic activity – 200% of of testosterone. Note that to receive this drug is recommended mainly to experienced athletes who already about the weaker courses of steroid means and represents, and what effect it can give.
Speaking of effects, the effect shown Parabolan, expressed, able to give significant improvements when applied correctly:
• Provides a distinct set of muscle mass;
• Significantly increases strength;
• Increases the level of IGF and shows fat burning effect;
• Leads to lower cortisol levels and increase in libido during the course.
However, you should take into account that Parabolan from the Balkans is not only a positive effect, but best side effect. In other words, in some cases it can be associated with the occurrence of side effects. In particular about yourself can let you know a reduction in their testosterone levels and the related consequences. There is also a risk of androgenic side-effects and other deviations: the risk of gynecomastia, acne acne acne, excessive body hair, and even sleep disorders.
Due to a relatively high androgenic activity to apply this steroid drug should be only men. Women should not use it if you don’t want to deal with the effects of virilization. It is such deviations as excessive body hair, changing body shapes of male type, changes in quality of skin, deepening of the voice.
Recommended storage conditions: store the vials should be in a safe place. If You bought the drug we have in the store, remember that to keep it should be protected from moisture and light. Their impact can be disastrous.
Course Parabolan sport
In sports, in bodybuilding and other disciplines, this drug is used primarily by experienced athletes for long course with the aim of increasing strength and muscle mass. This AAS is relevant for various types of modern sport and can give obvious results of development of physical forms, which will quickly manifest.
For men, recommended dosage Parabolan from 100 to 300 mg per week. Too frequent administration of injections there is no need (usually weekly dosage is divided into 1-2 doses per week, although in General, all individually). Note that courses of the drug, lasting an average of about eight weeks in solo practically non-existent. In most cases, this is an anabolic and androgen is combined with other drugs AAS.
Ask what kind of AAS it is possible to combine the course Parabolan to get the best results? Difficult to answer unequivocally, because the choice of drugs for the combined course may influence not only the preferences of the host, but the level of his training and experience, and many other factors.
The rate of admission Parabolan and stanozolol may be well suited to athletes who wish to improve strength along with quality muscle growth. It’s a good bundle which will also help reduce excess fat from, which is always useful for an athlete. Other possible courses is a combination with testosterone, or even turinabol Oxandrolone in accordance with the priorities of the athlete.