Pharma Stan Pharmacom Labs 300 mg/ml


Substance: StanozololPackage: vial (300 mg/ml)


Pharma Stan as the active component contains stanozolol. This substance has a strong anabolic effect and moderate androgenic properties. The main task of the drug is fat burning and improving the quality of the relief of the muscles. Also steroid effective to improve physical parameters, including endurance. This makes possible its use in such sports as track and field. We offer you to buy this excellent product and guarantee that Winstrol farmakom price you will definitely like.

Effects Pharma Stan

The injectable version of stanozolol many athletes known under the name Winstrol. This drug is actively used by Pro-builders during the final stage of preparation for tournaments. The steroid was created several decades ago and it is being actively used by athletes.

Anabolic activity of the drug exceeds the testosterone to 320 percent, while the androgenic properties are equal to only 30%. Modern methods of doping controls can detect in the body metabolites of the drug for 21 days.

Here are some basic properties of steroid:

Increase physical parameters.
There is a growing appetite.
Greatly accelerated the process of reduction of fatty tissue.
Quickly removes from the body excess liquid.
Contributes to the quality of the relief of the muscles.

In addition to the just described, the drug is a powerful anticatabolic, delay in the body calcium and enhances the absorption of this mineral, and also improves breathing fabrics. In proof of the high efficiency of steroid, you can read Winstrol farmakom reviews.

Methods of application and dosages Pharma Stan

To hold Winstrol farmakom are all the athletes who received sufficient amount of mass to improve relief of muscle. Also, the drug will be very useful and to the representatives of those sports where at the forefront of endurance. Enter steroid is required daily or at least every 2nd day. The dosage is from 50 milligram to 0.1 gram.

The drug can give good results with solo use, but it is most commonly used in bundles with other anabolics. For example, for more efficient drying cycle can be used additionally Oxandrolone or testosterone propionate. If you combine Winstrol with nandrolone or Sustanon, you will be able to gain weight high quality. It should be noted that the possible combinations are many, and their choice depends on your goals. In conclusion, we note that in recent time athletes often use the combination clenbuterol Pharma Stan, which is directed on the powerful reduction of fatty tissue.