Pharma Test Pharmacom Labs 100 mg/ml


Substance: Testosterone BasePackage: vial (100 mg/ml)


Pharma Test Pharmacom Labs 100 mg/ml is a steroid drug testosterone short action, manufactured by PharmaCom Labs (Moldova). He is quick to activity after application and has a strong anabolic and androgenic effect, whereby the demand within sports. Here it is used as a doping means to increase muscle mass and improve power performance.

Pharma Test Pharmacom Labs 100 mg/ml: A DESCRIPTION OF THE DRUG
As the active substance is testosterone propionate for a long time and is well known to many athletes. This is one of the first esters of testosterone, on sale, and at the same time one of the most common. Even after decades since its inception it has not lost relevance, but on the contrary became even more popular.

Properties Pharma Test Pharmacom Labs 100 mg/ml with the active substance testosterone propionate is both anabolic and androgenic steroid (indexes of both activities account for 100% of endogenous testosterone). After injection, it acts quickly, but short-lived (about 2-3 days), so during the course of his introduction is recommended in a day or at least every third day.

Effect Pharma Test Pharmacom Labs 100 mg/ml provides a pronounced, which consists of multiple improvements that are relevant both within sport and beyond:

Qualitative muscle growth;
Growth endurance health;
The increase in power performance;
Increasing the density of muscles;
Increasing the prominence of the muscles;
Increased libido.
Is it possible PharmaTest-P 100 recommend aspiring athletes? Yes – it’s almost a universal steroid, capable of providing good results with low risk of side effects, regardless of training level. In theory it can even use women athletes, but only in reduced dosages in comparison with men, otherwise it will be difficult to avoid virilization.

Many of the reviews Pharma Test Pharmacom Labs 100 mg/ml described as a great product PharmaCom Labs, including due to the fact that side effects are rare. If you do not break the General recommendations, the androgenic and estrogenic side effects even (the former include acne, body hair and increased aggression, the second is gynecomastia, the accumulation of water) is practically impossible. But the risk of their occurrence is still preserved, so do not relax.

Also probable is the decrease of testosterone so a post-cycle therapy is mandatory. The DCR can be applied tamoxifen (Tamoximed or equivalent) or clomiphene citrate (Clomid or equivalent).

Recommended storage conditions for PharmaTest-P 100: store the drug in a place inaccessible to light and moisture, out of reach of children and Pets; keep a storage temperature not above room indicators.

Pharma Test Pharmacom Labs 100 mg/ml: ACCEPT?
This drug of testosterone can be effectively used not only for sporting purposes but also for medicinal purposes. The fact that the testosterone propionate was originally developed just the same for use in medicine. Here it was used and continue to use when conducting hormone replacement therapy.

If you talk exclusively about sports, the rate of Pharma Test Pharmacom Labs 100 mg/ml frequently carried out in combination, than it is to solo. The drug combines well with almost any other anabolic steroids, from Dianabol and ending with trenbolone.

For beginning athletes a good choice can be a bunch of turinabol. It’s a relatively safe combination, at the same time having a strong anabolic action. In the initial stages of drugs are virtually guarantee quality muscle gains, increased endurance and strength.

The PharmaTest-P together with stanozololum in turn is popular for drying. Both drugs show fat burning effects and to delay in liquids, as a rule, does not. Dosage recommended, respectively, about 100 mg a day and about 30-50 mg daily.

In General for women in sport is recommended dosage ofPharma Test Pharmacom Labs 100 mg every two or three days. This amount of steroid usually sufficient for the manifestation of full spectrum of activity and is not associated with increased risk of action side.

How to take Pharma Test Pharmacom Labs 100 mg/ml woman? First moderately, not to exceed a dosage of 25-50 (100) mg every 5-7 days. With the calculation of the required amount of drug for a given dose of the substance difficulties should arise. A convenient concentration of the active substance allows to avoid obvious mistakes: 0.25 ml for doses of 25 mg, 0.5 ml for 50 mg, 1 ml 100 mg, respectively.