Primover Vermodje 100 mg/ml


Substance: Methenolone EnanthatePackage: 10 ampoules (100 mg/ml)


Description Primover Vermodje 100 mg/ml

Synonyms: Primobol, Nibal, This anabolic steroid is known for athletes, bodybuilders and security forces have for decades, and has rightfully earned a reputation as one of the easiest and safest steroids. The injection method of using it for sport ensures the effect of the drug lasting up to 14 days. Active substance – Methenolone enanthate is a modified testosterone molecule, which reduced androgenic properties and anabolic strengthened. This means that dosage Primover will give greater effect than the same dosage of testosterone, and thus will have less side effects, which is a big advantage of Methenolone enanthate. Among the direct effects, oral steroid, which Primover, which is silent instruction for medical use include burning of fat and removal of fluids from body tissues, contributing to the formation of pronounced muscle relief. In addition, side effects Primover Vermodje 100 mg/ml are virtually absent, because Methenolone enanthate is not subject to aromatization and does not convert neither estrogen nor DHT. Safe use it can be compared only to that of nandrolone. Great for beginners course of the drug or its analogs, side effects threaten the athlete only in the case of ultrahigh dosages of steroid. In the course of this steroid is no risk of developing gynecomastia, or swelling, and rarely found increased hair growth and acne. The maximum that can threaten the bodybuilder taking medication, this insomnia, and irritability. Among its positive characteristics applies a weak influence on the production level of testosterone. This steroid is not usually requires the intake of antiestrogens, which allows also to save on the exchange rate, investing in post-cycle therapy. A great contribution to the popularity Primover Vermodje 100 mg/ml makes its cost relatively affordable even for athletes at the Amateur level, not involved in the professional arena. It should be noted that there is a form of Methenolone enanthate and tablets. Besides, injections provide uniform release of the drug directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the body’s defense mechanisms. Primover 100 is detected at doping tests during the 5 weeks after completion of the course. Athletes-professionals, it will become an indispensable assistant for a painless exit from a long or severe courses of anabolic steroids. It is multifunctional and always effective anabolic, the importance of which and the level of efficiency should not be underestimated. How to take Primover since the product is rather soft and not fast, it requires a course lasting 6-8 weeks. But too tighten the course also is not recommended because of the increasing of the probability of negative side effects. Course Primover from Vermodje conducted at dosages of 200-500 mg, depending on the parameters of the athlete and the desired results on the output. As a rule, most athletes put on 400 mg of the drug once a week and get good muscle gains and strength. Use the recommendations out of over 600 mg per week highly undesirable, as it sharply increases the likelihood of side effects steroid. The drug can be used and women, it is important not to plan during the course of pregnancy or conception. A course of injections for women held in dosages of 50-100 mg a week. Following the recommended dosages to ensure that the lack of effects of virilization and masculinization. The method for doing so is also ideal for preserving muscle mass during drying and the formation of relief. For the athlete-Amateur and he will be able to add good amounts of muscle, then as a professional this effect is likely to notice weak. For those who want more, the course Primover 100 can be performed in combination with other steroids. Combination with esters of nandrolone will be the safest and most reliable option to put on weight with minimal recoil. The combination with various forms of testosterone or Sustanon will give much more fast and powerful, the inflow mass and increase strength characteristics. For these purposes fit oxymetholone or methandienone. To enhance drying and more explicit relief in the course of this steroid means not rarely include Winstrol. The rule for dual courses one: the dosage of each steroid must be less than half the recommended when taken solo. Liquid Primover: feedback Forum our online store is constantly updated with new reviews about enanthate Methenolone and other anabolic steroids. Anyone can always read them or to leave your feedback about Primover from, oral steroid, which, as well as to communicate with athletes who already have experience taking the drug. In addition, the Forum is staffed by professional consultants and sports doctors. Comments about Primover very positive, the athletes noted the drug’s effectiveness and no side effects like acne, increased hair growth or baldness. Many with this steroid started your professional journey to the top of the sports pedestal. Studying the statements of the customers and experienced athletes, often there is a mention of some of the pain of injections, but it smoothed out the pleasant fact that injections are made once a week. Athletes are also satisfied with the affordable price of the drug. In General, their views about the drug to leave the athletes of different skill levels and both sexes, which proves its versatility and wide application possibilities. For a definite plus athletes will take almost zero rollback. For the most part the reviews about Primover Vermodje 100 mg/ml talking about its security: no flavor, no side effects. Severe bodybuilders that sets the hard courses, are also satisfied Methenolone enanthate steroid as the second plan, and I advise beginners to pay attention to this steroid when choosing their first course.