Stanoliq G-Tech Pharmaceuticals 200 mg/ml


Substance: StanozololPackage: 5 ampoules (200 mg/ml)


The description of the drug Stanoliq G-Tech Pharmaceuticals 200 mg/ml

Stanozolol is one of the favorite steroids most athletes. Stanozolol, for example, one of the chemicals that ensured the Ben Johnson of his amazing results. This substance has supplied this wonderful athlete such noticeable increase in muscle and such a beautifully delineated musculature that he would have envied other bodybuilder. At the first bodybuilding Championships among professionals, which carried out the doping control 1990, the winner, Shawn ray, and canadian professional, Nimrod king was convicted of taking Winstrol. All this speaks in favor of that Winstrol is a very effective steroid when properly applied. It is important to distinguish two forms of release of the drug. The injectable Winstrol Depot is much more effective than the oral Winstrol.

Feature of Stanozolol is that its active chemical substance is not dissolved in oil, as is usually the case with most steroids, and in the water. And although almost every bodybuilder who has experience taking steroids, knows this difference, but in practice this knowledge is little used. The intervals between injections of Winstrol Depot must be shorter than with other steroids. This means that Winstrol Depot must be driven more frequently than the oil dissolved steroids (Primobol, DECA-Durabolin, Sustanon-250, Parabolan, etc.). The reason is the relatively short half-life of dissolved steroids, that are rapidly released into the bloodstream, but act short-lived.

Practice has shown that Stanozolol 50 mg/ml must be injected at least twice a week, and the best results are observed at a daily injection.

The substance Stanozolol is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, therefore Stanozolol does not aromatize into estrogens and only in rare cases causes water retention.

Based on these characteristics the main application of Stanozolol – bodybuilding, preparation for a competition. In combination with a limited in calories and rich in protein diet, Winstrol gives the muscles hardness and elasticity. Injectable Winstrol when dieting is usually not taken as the only steroid, as due to its low androgenic component, it does poorly protects the athlete from loss of muscle tissue. The lack of a pronounced androgenic effects in an optimal way kompensiruet combined application of any of the variants of Trenbolone. Although there is no scientific explanation, synergistically the effect is confirmed on the basis of numerous examples from prevention. The combination of Stanozolol 50 mg / day and Trenbolone Acetate – 30 mg per day was “top-combinatie” Champions of the 80s.

Other steroids, which uspeshno accepted at the time of preparation for the competition along with Stanozolol is Boldenone, Oxandrolone, Testosterone Propionate, Primobolan.

Injectable Stanozolol is suitable not only for preparation for a competition, but in the offseason, during the muscle building. He does not does not contribute to water retention so quick weight gains body Stanozololum unlikely. And occurs muscle gain and stronger by the proportion of the power lift, which, as the discontinuation of the drug are often preserved.