Stanozol Lyka Labs 300 mg/ml


Substance: StanozololPackage: vial (300 mg/ml)


Stanozol Lyka Labs 300 mg/ml is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids give the athlete explosive increase strength and endurance, as well as allowing you to build lean muscle definition. The drug has a very high anabolic activity and low androgenic properties due to the active substance – stanozolol. In addition to high-quality and fast growth of muscle mass and strength, increasing the athlete’s appetite, decreases body fat and excreted excess fluid.
In bodybuilding Stanozol Indian Lyka is ideal for use before competitions during drying. Not be detected in doping tests in 3 weeks after admission.
Description Stanozol Lyka Labs 300 mg/ml
The active substance stanozolol is a modification of dihydrotestosterone. Compared to endogenous testosterone, its anabolic properties are more than three times, and androgenic reduced by two thirds. The drug does not aromatize and is not converted into dihydrotestosterone. So, side effects it practically does not show in the recommended doses harmless to the body of the athlete.
History of active substance started in 1962 in the laboratory of Winthrop, who developed it for veterinary purposes. A significant increase in speed and endurance, which is the predecessor of the modern drugs given in cross-country horses, aroused the attention of athletes, and soon this AAS is widespread in athletics.
The molecule of the active substance is a methyl group in the 17 alpha position that prevents the destruction of steroid in the liver. Stanozol from Lyka Labs is not toxic to the liver, the Forum of our site confirms this. The drug is aimed directly at the genetic apparatus of cells and activates the synthesis of DNA, RNA and proteins. Significantly increases the intensity of metabolic and anabolic processes in muscle cells and tissues. In the catabolism begins to dominate the breakdown of fats and proteins are stored as a construction material. The drug inhibits the activity of binding of glucocorticoids to receptors and is an antagonist progesterone receptors.
After the injection of Stanozol Lyka Labs 300 mg/ml starts to act almost immediately and remains active for 8 hours. Many athletes prefer this drug because of its high anabolic properties and security for the body.
Conducting the intake of this steroid, it is possible not only to dry the already formed mass, but also to recruit up to 10 kg top dieting and intense workouts. Side effects may not occur, and there is no need to intake of antiestrogens.
Of all the possible side effects of the injectable drug is most often marked by elevated blood pressure, increased cholesterol levels, there are acne, and increased greasiness of the skin. When overdoses of possible cardiac hypertrophy.
Although the cost of reality is not low, the price does not deter athletes. After a course of this drug, the athlete gets the explosive growth of strength, decrease in fat and hard muscle definition that justifies all costs.
How to take Stanozol Lyka Labs 300 mg/ml
Injections are usually every other day 50-100 mg, because of the rapid pharmacokinetics of the substance. Low androgenetic makes it available for use by women. Athletes taking a lower dosage of about 5-10 mg a day.
High dosage Stanozol Lyka Labs 300 mg/ml easily leads to effects of virilization and virilization in women. For male athletes there are variations with increased doses, selected individually.
Course Stanozol (Lyka) usually lasts 6 to 9 weeks subject to the regime of intense training and diet. Injectable steroid is dissolved not in oil but in water, so its effect is more rapid and transient. The use of injection is suitable for both experienced competing athletes and for beginners who want to get muscle definition. Professional athletes can use the drug, as in the drying period and in the offseason.
Course it also goes well with other steroids. Beginners is perfect combination with Nandrolone or Primobolan, giving a strong anabolic effect and at the same time, almost without harming the body. Among athletes the most popular combination with esters of testosterone, Anabela and Turinabol.
Should remember about the contraindications. The drug should not be taken by people with impaired cardiovascular and endocrine systems, as well as suffering from renal or hepatic insufficiency.