Stanozolol Aburaihan Pharmaceutical 100 mg/ml


Substance: StanozololPackage: vial (100 mg/ml)


Stanozolol Aburaihan Pharmaceutical 100 mg/ml one of the most famous anabolic steroids, which have long been used in strength sports and athletics. This drug has a special pharmacological effect, a unique molecular structure that gives excellent results. About 10 years ago, this steroid caused a sensation in world sport since doping control was considered that the suspension stanozolol is a banned substance and now this tool can only be used for those competitions where there are a variety of doping tests.

Course suspension stanozolol, usually used for the preparation for a competition while drying. It does not promote muscle growth, but rather helps to draw the existing muscle fibers, creates relief and increases power output during a low-carb diet.

Therapeutic effect Stanozolol Aburaihan Pharmaceutical 100 mg/ml:

Compared to testosterone, suspension stanozolol has higher anabolic activity about 3-4 times higher. At the same time, the androgenic activity is much lower, which allows the use of this drug and women. According to clinical studies, this steroid is one of the safest for women because of the low androgenic activity, however the risk of side effects, still large, and take the drug with caution.

Active substance stanazolol is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone (a more active form of testosterone). Many injectable anabolic steroids created on the basis of oil solutions and ethers. Suspension stanozolol is water-based, which undoubtedly is a big plus.

When using this preparation, the athlete will significantly improve the power performance (in the drying period, it is possible to keep maximum working weight), excess fat from the body, well drawn muscles and become more toned, burn off excess fat tissue.
For ground – stacked period, suspension stanozolol can also be used, but in combination with other steroids that have higher androgenic activity, for example with testosterone.

The only drawback of this drug is its short pharmacological action. After injection, the therapeutic effect of the active ingredients, is observed within 8-10 hours. However, after the last use of the anabolic, the ability to detect it in the blood, there is still 3 months.

Application method and dosage:

Due to the particular pharmacological action, suspension stanozolol can be applied in different ways.

The standard method of using anabolic injections in the gluteal region
If you can’t handle a large number of injections in one area, you can just drink the contents of the vial. As practice shows, this method of application also has a place to be, but it is worth remembering that the absorption of the drug, to be a bit worse.
The best way to use suspension, are local injection. As practice shows, because of the short actions are often the active components of the drug does not penetrate all muscle groups, tissue and fibers, causing the efficiency rate decreases slightly.
The therapeutic effect suspension stanazolol, when injected into the target muscle groups, not only helps to draw the muscles, but also increases them in volume. Thus, using such a simple injected, you can tweak your proportions, but the competition look very balanced.

Apply slurry stanazolol need daily.
To begin it is necessary with a minimum dose of 10 mg daily and increase it by 10 mg, up to a maximum dose of 50 mg.
To take more than 50 mg of camp, is not recommended.
The course should last for at least 6 weeks.