Stanozolol Suspension The British Dispensary 300 mg/ml


Substance: StanozololPackage: vial (300 mg/ml)


Stanozolol Suspension The British Dispensary 300 mg/ml
Stanozolol Suspension The British Dispensary 300 mg/ml is an injectable anabolic like, known in the world of athletics and bodybuilding due to the effect of the formation of perfectly defined muscles, without the accompanied weight. Winstrol is perfect for both men and women involved in sports.

Description Stanozolol Suspension The British Dispensary 300 mg/ml
The drug has anabolic activity in 320% of testosterone and 30% androgenic. These anabolic steroids are no effect of flavor and the presence of two forms of production: tablets and capsules (but, unlike most anabolics, represents an aqueous suspension in injectable form).

Regarding the name, Winstrol is the brand name of stanozolol from Winthrop Laboratories, active substances, developed synthetically in 1962. The name historically was used for the steroid, and is still used by athletes. To acquire a modern Winstrol in ampoules can also under the names of Stanazol, Starover, Strombaject, etc.

Effect on the body
To buy steroids possible for the following effects:

the formation of musculature;
stimulation of reduction of body fat;
the strengthened venous drawing;
elimination of cell hydration (excretion of excess fluid);
to improve the effectiveness of other anabolic steroids by reducing globulin;
increased appetite;
increase endurance and increase power.
Note that, despite the stimulation to the formation of high-quality, contoured muscles, Winstrol does not have the effect of weight gain.

How to take Stanozolol Suspension The British Dispensary 300 mg/ml
So solo that really lived up to expectations, make it necessary in the drying period, following a few rules:

Optimal and safe for an athlete daily dosage of the steroid dose is 30-50 mg (10 mg for athletes).
Recommended duration of use of steroid solo 4-6 weeks.
PCT should be started 2-3 at the end of the course.
Do not ignore also sports nutrition for relief.
Experienced athletes also recommend always to use the testosterone on the course (as evidenced by the left about Winstrol reviews) to avoid a negative impact on the joints and increase the effectiveness of the course.

The reality is also known for a very long detection period (up to 360 days), which should be considered competing athletes.

The combination on the course
For a set of quality muscle mass, you must combine a steroid with a stronger androgen. For example, buy Testosterone (propionate, enanthate or cypionate), Methandienone, Anadrol. On such courses Winstrol promotes good anabolic effect.

On a balanced course, you will also need aromatase inhibitors as PCT use Clomid or Nolvadex. The result of good combined of course it is possible to achieve a considerable increase in the good muscle mass with less delay in the body fluid and fat.

Before a competition or during a weight loss diet, the drug is often combined with a non-aromatizing androgen like Trenbolone, which you can buy on our website. As practice shows, this combination guarantees the desired hardness and definition to the muscles.

Proposed to improve the efficiency of any course to buy fat burners, peptides, dietary Supplements and vitamin mineral complexes.