Star-Mix Radjay Healthcare & Pharmaceutical 300 mg/ml


Substance: Blend of 4 NandrolonesPackage: vial (300 mg/ml)


Star-Mix Radjay Healthcare & Pharmaceutical 300 mg/ml is the drug for quick gain in muscle mass and increased performance of strength and endurance of the athlete. This result is achieved thanks to the combination of Esters of Nandrolone in anabolic, which stimulates the growth of muscle fibers and thus help to achieve maximum effect in minimal time.

Description Star-Mix Radjay Healthcare & Pharmaceutical 300 mg/ml

Manufacturer of Star-Mix Radjay Healthcare & Pharmaceutical 300 mg/ml is an Indian company Radjay Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, manufacturing of sports pharmacology for internal and external market. The company started its operation in 2011 and since then holds the leading position on the pharmaceutical market, producing quality products for professional and aspiring bodybuilders.

The active ingredient of the drug Old-Mix nandrolone mix. It is a mixture of esters of nandrolone, namely, nandrolone decanoate (150 mg), nandrolone phenylpropionate (50 mg) and nandrolone undecanoate (100 mg). This combination allows to achieve a constant concentration of nandrolone in the blood, because each broadcast has a different rate of absorption (the effect occurs serially).

The action of the active substances takes approximately 14 days, therefore the injections need to be done once in seven days. The correct dose is prescribed at the rate of 4 mg per 1 kg of body weight of the athlete. The concentration of active substance (nandrolone decanoate, nandrolone phenylpropionate, nandrolone undecanoate) is 300 mg per 1 ml.

The effect of taking:

rapid increase in muscle fibers;
improvement of protein synthesis in the muscles;
elimination of pain in the joints and ligaments, improving their work;
augmenting the strength and endurance of the athlete.
Star-Mix: instructions for use

Before completion of the course with the drug of the Old Mix better to consult your sports doctor to verify compatibility of anabolic with your body. Also, Star-Mix has certain indications for admission to the course:

Buy steroids follows from the calculation that the duration of the course is six to eight weeks.
The dosage is calculated according to a formula given above. Star-Mix in capsules recommended to be taken in the amount of 300-700 mg / week.
Girls should eat no more than 100 mg. But even at the lowest dosage there is a high risk of virilization.
In the case of unauthorized increase of the acceptable dose sharply increases the risk of side effects (problems with the gastrointestinal tract, acne, etc.). If your course lasts more than eight weeks, but the fourth-fifth week must include Gonadotropin (every 4-5 days).
To get the maximum result from the course, you can buy anabolic steroids for making combinations on the course.
Special sports nutrition aimed at weight, and regular exercise will actively promote the growth of muscle fibers. On our website you can also buy ready-made courses of steroids.

The combination of Star-Mix Radjay Healthcare & Pharmaceutical 300 mg/ml on the course

Drug with esters of nandrolone performs well in conjunction with other anabolics. So, for an even more effective rate, you can purchase Winstrol, Testosterone, Sustanon.

About Star-Mix Radjay Healthcare & Pharmaceutical 300 mg/ml reviews indicate that excellent results in weight can be achieved by taking Methandienone or Stanozolol.

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