Sustanon Body Pharm LTD 250 mg/ml


Substance: Testosterone CombinationPackage: vial (250 mg/ml)


Sustanon Body Pharm LTD 250 mg/ml contains testosterone esters. These are derivatives of the naturally going on male hormone testosterone. They are converted in the body to testosterone.Testosterone is known as an androgen. It is produced by the testicles and is the main hormone vital for space mount in the feel and serve of the male sex organs and male sexual characteristics.The natural production of testosterone is controlled by strange set of hormones called gonadotrophins, which are released from the pituitary gland in the brain.During adult moving picture, testosterone is vital for the production of sperm, the money of sex goal, erectile potency, and the vivacious of the prostate gland and new reproductive structures. It in addition to has functions in the skin, muscles, skeleton, kidney, liver, bone marrow and central frantic system.