Sustatek Devatek Pharmaceuticals 250 mg/ml


Substance: Testosterone CombinationPackage: vial (250 mg/ml)


Active substance: Testosterone Propionate (Testosterone Propionate), Testosterone Decanoate (Testosterone Decanoate), Testosterone Phenylpropionate (Testosterone Phenylpropionate), Sustanon (Sustanon)

Sustanon is a drug which is often used in bodybuilding and is applied by injection: a fully completed course has a noticeable effect in the area of muscle growth. The effect of Sustanon based on the increase in testosterone, thanks to which this steroid has an impact in the result of taking it. The indicative timetable for the introduction of one injection every 7 days, if necessary the intensity can be denser.

The intake of Sustanon
A course of Sustanon 250 duration takes 6 to 8 weeks — this product is administered by intramuscular injections. One ampule of Sustanon 250 is entered at a time, if the injection is performed from a large tank, the dosage varies from 250 mg to 500 according to instructions. The course may be repeated, but between them you should take a break lasting several weeks.

To the side effects of Sustanon are: acne, water retention, masculinization, increased sweating, increased greasiness of the skin. Skin problems are solved by applying cleaning agents, and water retention can be eliminated if, in addition to Sustanon 250, order drugs that block this effect.
10 ml

From 250mg per week and above.