Testenat-250 Designer Labs 300 mg/ml


Substance: Testosterone EnanthatePackage: vial (300 mg/ml)


Testenat-250 Designer Labs 300 mg/ml ( CYCLE 6 )

Today, one of the steroids most commonly used by bodybuilders in addition to athletes, both professional and amateur is the Testenat-250 Designer Labs 300 mg/ml. This is because of the results that appear in a short time in addition to their high power of action in the human body.

Only found on the black market, it is a drug not prescribed by doctors. Testosterone enanthate is considered by many to be the best Esther of testosterone found in the market

What is Testenat-250 Designer Labs 300 mg/ml?

In addition to the already spoken, the testosterone enanthate has a enhanced action of the hormone of testosterone. It is found in concentrations with amounts that can go from 200 to 500mg/ml and low-cost.

Testosterone is produced in the testicles and is by this hormone that the muscles grow. In the case of the use of the drug, the hormone main and produced by the body is placed next to the enanthate ester, with the objective to delay its release into the blood over many days.

Many bodybuilders also use testosterone enanthate cycles along with other substances such as oxandrolone. The main objective, besides growth, is the burning of fat.

Some studies have shown these facts. In a test, some people have used 600 mg per week of testosterone enanthate for 20 weeks and obtained an increase of about 15% lean body mass.

The note the main take is that the group who lost the most fat was used the dosage is higher (600 mgs weekly). In addition, they gained muscle strength and volume compared to those who ingested lower doses within the study.

Complete arrival has been that when a larger amount than normal is injected, the muscle growth – in addition to other gains – will also be greater. The rule applies to any other steroid, but it is good to recall that the more is used, the greater the risk to happen any other kind of side effect..

Enanthate or Cypionate ?

The differences are very few, but the little details made me like the enanantato, retains less (almost nothing), and I see a response more quickly.
Great for building muscle and strength and lose
fat also since that is another effect of testosterone (fat burning).

Enanthate change the shape, size and also can change the appearance and the number of muscle fibers, which is redundancy, I just wanted to say:

Qualities of Enanthate:

I-testosterone Enanthate protects your earnings of the musculature of the process catabolic hormones glucocorticoids (cortisol for example) the lovers speak “oh enanthate is anti-catabolic”

II – Enanthate, testosterone has the ability to increase the production of red blood cells in the kidneys, and an increased production of red blood cells, the red globulinhos” do? Carry oxygen good, so increases the power of recovery by decreasing fatigue (Jaiminho feelings).

(It looks like an intelligent summarizing all of this talking: erythropoiesis)

III -do Not need to apply every day twice a week, so that the concentration levels are constant in the blood with the drug you guys have learned the bullshit of the carbons that leaves it to be released gradually right?

IV – It also assists in the metabolism of fat or burning of fat, I heard that u can only have satisfactory results using high doses of 600-900mg/week.

V – To gain mass is the one rule, the more, the better!

(I test it that way, but remember the more, the more-risk side).

VI – If it were not the collateral would only be taken in doses cavalares, say Dinossaulares!

(But you have to put all this in the balance and compare).

V – Remember, this is all characteristic of testosterone that that illustration of the car ta with 7 aunts fat inside (carbons)

(But this does not change the car, is the same power, same car, will only get slower)

Characteristics of the ester of testo most beautiful existing:

• Half-life 5 days
• Administration: Injectable,
• Usual Dose : (Men) 200-1000mgs/week (‘ve seen people report on 2g per week or more, I’ve already used 1000mg was pretty cool)
• In my opinion goes with everything, can be the base to any cycle, all of my for example I used it or sustanon as a base.
• Dose for females: I don’t like the idea of testo in girls, but and you want to use 25mg to 100mg/week remember that you will virilizar sure.

Colaterríveis of the ester of example I:

• Acne: Yes
• Net Retention : Yes
• High tension : Moderate
• Hepatotoxidade : Not
• Conversion into DHT : Yes, logical.
• Inhibition of the axis HPTA : Yes (testosterone suppresses the axis HPTA, fast, and voracious, any ester)
• Aromatization : Yes

Important Note:

The retention is for the tail of the aromatization, the high pressure is because of the retention.
Then, one more secret, add an AI (aromatase inhibitor which is the enzyme that converts test into estrogen) will take 3 side from time to time, so you can reduce the retention of the cycle to almost 0
*I used 1mg of anastrozole/day and not reti nothing, it varies from person to person, of course!