Testenol Lyka Labs 100 mg/ml


Substance: Testosterone EnanthatePackage: vial (100 mg/ml)


Lyka Labs

Name: Testenol
Manufacturer: Lyka Labs (India)
Active substance: Testosterone enanthate
Product form: Oily solution for injection
Concentration: 100 mg/ml.
Testenol-100– exogenous form of the male sex hormone testosterone in prolonged (long-acting) form. Half-life (half-life) of the drug is on average 7 days. Testinal 250 (enanthate) has equally androgenic and anabolic properties, which are peculiar to their own (endogenous) testosterone. It should be borne in mind that this drug has the ability to aromatisiertes (converted into female sex hormone estradiol), the degree of flavor depends on the activity of the enzyme aromatase each particular person.

Testenol 100 – reviews and description

High level of estradiol in the blood is the cause of all side effects of this drug, ranging from high blood pressure and excess fluid retention, ending with gynecomastia and problems with libido. Therefore, this drug should be accompanied by monitoring of estradiol levels and receive aromatase inhibitor (anastrozole) in an appropriate dosage.

Effects from taking
The increase in protein synthesis that contributes to a significant acceleration of growth of muscle mass and strength.
The increase libido.
Accelerating the utilization of fat.
A positive impact on joints due to fluid in the articular capsule.
How to take Testinal 100
Testenol 100- reviews and opisaniyami Testenol Lyka Labs 100 mg/ml must at a dosage of 250-1000 mg/week. If this is your first course, you are best suited dosage of 250 mg of Testinal in a week, so you’ll be able to check the body’s reaction to the drug, will receive the maximum exhaust with minimum side effects.

Course Testenol must be accompanied by the control of the level of testosterone, estradiol (E2). After completing the course, you need a competent post-cycle therapy (PCT), which should be accompanied by monitoring levels of sex hormones in the blood and intake of antiestrogens (clomiphene citrate).

For more information about the drug Testenol Lyka Labs 100 mg/ml, its side effects, advantages and disadvantages, you will be able to the topic of Testosterone enanthate.

Reviews about Testenol Lyka Labs 100 mg/ml
Testenol Lyka Labs 100 mg/ml – reviews and opishnyanski all the reviews about Testenol-250 positive, since this drug is completely identical to our own hormone testosterone, and therefore, very tolerant found in our body. Negative effects when taking testosterone enanthate from Onion labs can occur with inappropriate use of this drug. You should monitor your condition during the course, immediately react to any unwanted side effects.

It should say that a reviews about Testenol Lyka Labs 100 mg/ml suggests that the drug at a dose of 250 mg/week is the perfect solution for the first course. In addition, the presence of testosterone is practically necessary at any rate to avoid unwanted side effects.