Testoged-E Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals 200 mg/ml


Substance: Testosterone EnanthatePackage: 5 ampoules (200 mg/ml)


Testoged-E is a powerful androgenic and anabolic steroid, which is engaged in the company Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals. Its active substance is testosterone enanthate, this ester of testosterone, is popular due to its long lasting and powerful positive effects on the human body.

Steroid Testoged-E: action, effects and properties
Anabolic and androgenic activity of testosterone enanthate is equal to one hundred percent of endogenous testosterone, which in combination with a sufficiently long validity period (15 days) makes it effective and useful sports tool.
Apply the steroid Testogel-E 250 (testosterone enanthate) often in sports practice: to increase muscle mass, strength and endurance it is used in weightlifting, strength disciplines, for example, in powerlifting, in bodybuilding and many other places. He can, of course, useful beyond the professional and Amateur sports, in particular in medicine for substitution therapy to stimulate regeneration of the organism for the development of secondary male sexual characteristics and for other weighty reasons.
In General, during the course of Testogel-E shows a variety of positive effects, however, in sports practice especially appreciated the following properties and qualities:
• Stimulation of muscle growth;
• Significant increase in power performance of an athlete;
• Faster recovery of the body (stimulation of regenerative processes);
• The strongest effect of the pumps (the subjective feeling of the pump and seals of the muscles after physical exertion);
• Improve joint function due to accumulation of water;
• Increase General vitality and motivation.
By the way, for sports use testosterone enanthate should be reserved for men. Women injection of this air is usually not carried out because the drug has a strong androgenic effect and may result in virilization (the formation, accumulation and development of secondary sexual characteristics in the male: deepening of the voice, excessive hair growth on the face and body, etc.)
Of course, some side effects may bother and men taking Testoged-E. In the first place it’s all the same androgenic diseases (acne, increased hair on body and face, increased fat, skin, etc.).
Plus, it is known that testosterone enanthate is strongly aromatizers steroid, and therefore, during the course Testoged-E 250 on yourself can let you know estrogenic “side effects”, for example, gynecomastia, excessive accumulation of fluids in the body and increase fat. To smooth, to minimize this negative effect, it is recommended to use anti-estrogens Clomiphene/Tamoxifen.
At the end we describe the storage conditions Testoged-E Golden Dragon:
• When storing the steroid should be safely hidden from children and from Pets;
• It is best to keep the preparation in a dry and dark place;
• Storage temperature should not be above or below room.
Apply, how to take Testoged-E 250?
Most often, this androgenic and anabolic steroid used in the combinational courses in combination with other steroid drugs. The main purpose of its use is the muscle mass and the growth of power indicators.
Usually during the course, athletes use doses Testoged-E in the area of 250-500 mg per week (750-1000 mg). When this injection is recommended to be installed with a frequency of once every seven days (testosterone enanthate quite a long term activity – 15 days, therefore, in the too frequent introduction of little sense). Lasts the course Testogel-E 250 on average from 4 to 8, sometimes up to 12 full weeks.
Important: the nominal volume of the barrel of this steroid, 10 ml, and the concentration of the active substance is 250 mg per 1 ml. this means that the introduction of the recommended dosage Testoged-E (250-500 mg), You will need only 1-2 ml of the drug. In General, one keg will be enough for at least two and a half (at a dose of 1000 mg) up to ten weeks (at a dose of 250 mg) of the course.
What steroids, you can combine testosterone enanthate? The options are endless, so we will describe only some of the popular courses.
For example, is very common among athletes receiving Testoged-E and anabolic trenbolone enanthate (first introduced in the amount of 500 mg per week, second in the 200 mg a week). This combination will achieve significant increase in more quality muscle mass and significantly increase your strength, endurance and many other parameters. Don’t forget that during and after taking steroids to minimize side effects may require the use of auxiliary pharmacological agents, in this case, Tamoxifen and Gonadotropin.