Testoprol Lyka Labs 300 mg/ml


Substance: Testosterone PropionatePackage: vial (300 mg/ml)


Name: Testoprol
Manufacturer: LYKA Labs Ltd (India)
Active substance: Testosterone propionate
Release form: Barrel 10 ml oil solution for injection
Concentration: 300 mg/ml
Testoprol Lyka Labs 300 mg/ml is a natural analogue of the male sex hormone testosterone. It is this hormone that distinguishes men from women. The difference between natural testosterone and propionate is the duration of action, while natural testosterone is ejected in small quantities every 60-120 minutes, a single injection Testoprol Lyka Labs 300 mg/ml will provide a high level of testosterone in the blood for 24-48 hours. In General, it has absolutely the same properties as natural testosterone. Women make testosterone propionate is undesirable because it can lead to the phenomenon of virilization (acquisition of male female sexual characteristics). Testosterone propionate tends to aromatisiertes in the blood, so the course should be accompanied by monitoring of the level of estradiol in the blood and receiving an aromatase inhibitor (e.g. anastrozole).

Testoprol Lyka Labs 300 mg/ml
Effects from taking

Accelerated growth of muscle mass and strength, accelerate recovery between loads, increase of vitality.
Increasing libido (libido).
The formation of male secondary sex characteristics: growth of facial hair, deepening of the voice, and so on.
Accelerating the utilization of fat in the background diet with a calorie deficit
A positive effect on the health of the joints and ligaments (due to fluid retention.
How to take Testoprol Lyka Labs 300 mg/ml

How to take Testoprol Lyka Labs 300 mg/ml should be 6-10 weeks. An effective dosage is in the range 150-1000 mg a week. It is worth noting that taking 1000 mg/week of testosterone propionate is justified only in the case that you raised an athlete with years of experience. Otherwise, too high a dosage will only lead to increased side effects and weakening, results from.

Course Testadiol 100 may have a purpose as the recruitment of muscle mass and burning body fat – it all depends on your diet, the surplus calories you will gain muscle volume and strength, if the deficit – to burn subcutaneous fat while maintaining muscle mass and strength (or even increase). Also you should always have an aromatase inhibitor in order to be able to cope with “estrogen” side effects arising from the increase in the level of estradiol. It must be controlled through testing.

Learn more about the intricacies of receiving and dealing with the side effects you will be able to learn in the subject of testosterone propionate.

Reviews about Testoprol Lyka Labs 300 mg/ml

Reviews about Testoprol Lyka Labs 300 mg/ml leave only positive feedback about Testoprol Lyka Labs 300 mg/ml from Lyka Labs. Testosterone is the most naturally accepted by the body of a man, so the occurrence of side effects when properly selected dose is minimal.

However, this does not absolve the athlete from responsibility, you need regular blood tests and monitor your condition. Negative reviews about Testaprol-100 only confirm this. They appear due to the clumsy use of the drug.