TestoRapid Alpha Pharma 100mg/ml


Substance: Testosterone PropionatePackage: 10 ampoules (100mg/ml)


• Type of packing: Ampoule
• Form release: 1 ml ampoule 100mg/ml
• Active component: Testosterone propionate
• Country: India
Expected results:

• The growth of muscle fibers
• Burning fat
• The allocation of relief
• Improve law enforcement capabilities
• Increased sexual activity
• Decreases the likelihood of coronary disease or cardiac ischemia.

How to take testosterone propionate.

Most often, the course testosterone propionate lasts 6-8 weeks. As propic aromatize, from the 2nd week to the end of the course it is advisable to take aromatase inhibitors or Proviron. This will help to avoid estrogen side effects, such as gynecomastia, edema, etc.

For athletes with experience working dosage start with 100 mg per day for beginners is enough 50 mg a day.

Propic blends perfectly with almost all AC. For drying it should be combined with stanozolol, turinabol and other drugs that do not delay fluid in the body, the mass of CNG, deck etc..

This table shows examples of popular courses with testosterone propionate. Do not hammer that dosages must be individualized, taking into account characteristics of the organism and the ultimate end use.

PCT after testosterone propionate

After completing the course, after 2-3 day should be tested in order to evaluate the state of the hormonal system. Usually post-cycle therapy, propionate is carried out after tamoxifen or clomid. It is also desirable to drink testosterone boosters (Tribulus, or its pharmaceutical equivalents), omega-3.

Don’t forget to follow a proper diet, consume adequate amount of protein (1.5-2 grams per 1 kg body weight), diligently and competently to train perfectly to sleep. If possible, take advanced sports nutrition (protein, weight gainer, amino acids, etc.).

Testosterone propionate side effects

Due to the fact that propic quite strongly flavored, in athletes can manifest the estrogen side effects such as gynecomastia, acne, etc.), more about side effects, read the article “Anabolic steroids: side effects”. However, compared to other testosterone esters (e.g. Sustanon, enanthate), the frequency of side effects of propionate below, but other drugs, such as aromatase inhibitors, antiestrogens, gonadotropin will greatly minimize them.