Testosteron-P Body Pharm LTD 100 mg/ml


Substance: Testosterone PropionatePackage: 10 ampoules (100 mg/ml)


WHAT IS Testosteron-P Body Pharm LTD 100 mg/ml

The company BODY PHARM LTD releases its drug based on the active ingredient testosterone propionate, as it’s called – TESTOSTERON – P. This is a great tool for the course of drying and quality of the set dry weight. It is for this testosterone propionate and is used by athletes. In recent years, steroid has been actively used by Amateurs and professionals are always willing to used it. Testosterone propionate price should appeal to many builders.

Testosteron-P Body Pharm LTD 100 mg/ml TO BUY: EFFECTS

Many builders believe that the testosterone propionate is one of the best AAS for speakers athletes. This is due to the possibility of its application shortly before the start of the tournament that will not only improve body Constitution, but quality mass.

If we talk about the properties of the drug, the following can be noted:

The displacement of the nitrogen balance in a positive direction.
The increase in the production of the FMI.
Improvement of physical parameters and it happens very quickly.
Promotes reduction of fatty tissue.
Growing libido.
Positive effect on heart muscle.
Very attractive set of effects for athletes, especially when you consider that we have listed only a part.


Testosterone propionate the course lasts about 1.5 months and during that time you will be able to achieve excellent results. Just want to say that solo is the drug makes sense to use only for novice athletes. If you have much experience with sports pharmacology, it is recommended to use a “compote”.

No matter how you decide to use a steroid, it one-time dose is 50 milligrams. Enter the reality you are worth every second of the day. Many professionals and even put injections every day. However, for fans this is not necessary.

You have a choice of various combinations of testosterone propionate with other drugs. For the rates of drying are often used trenbolone acetate, Primobolan, Masteron, or Winstrol. Also you have to remember that the rehabilitation therapy after a course of propionate are needed.

REVIEWS ABOUT Testosteron-P Body Pharm LTD 100 mg/ml

Testosterone propionate reviews are strictly positive and it is difficult for athletes to talk about steroid is bad. It cheap effective drug that enables in a short time to achieve excellent results. Besides the side effects during the course Testosteron-P Body Pharm LTD 100 mg/ml precursors. If you want a good dry, it definitely makes sense to pay attention to this drug.