Testosterone C Balkan Pharmaceuticals 100mg/ml


Substance: Testosterone CypionatePackage: 10 ampoules (100mg/ml)


Description Testosterone C (Cypionate) from Balkan pharmaceuticals

Testosterone C is a strong steroid drug that is regularly used by athletes on massonary courses and in General to develop physical fitness. It has pronounced androgenic and anabolic activity combined with long-lasting effect that provides to it high popularity.

This drug in theory can be effectively used not only for sporting tasks, but also in medical practice as drugs. Similar testosteronethe drugs for a long time are appointed in medicine in the treatment of diverse diseases, from hormone replacement therapy for men therapy for ovarian cancer in women (not older than 60 years).

Testosterona C

Active ingredient of this injection of the drug he has the same name and is considered one of the most popular and favorite just the testosterones in USA (America). Its prevalence in CIS countries is not so high, but also considerable. In the domestic market is dominated by drugs based on testosterone enanthate. Although the comparison it becomes evident that these steroids are in many respects similar and even interchangeable on the course. The differences between them are, however, fundamentally are not.

Giving a detailed description of the drug Testosterone Cypionate from Balkan, first and foremost it should be noted that he, like his counterparts from other manufacturers is a smart choice for a set of muscle mass. He is characterized with high anabolic and androgenic activity that is identical to the add-on of endogenous testosterone. But unlike pure hormone, cypionate boasts more long-lasting effect: the period of activity of the substance after injection, reaches up to 15 days after injection.

In compliance with the main recommendations of the steroid provides a pronounced effect, namely, to increase strength, increase health and stamina, a quick and large increase in muscle mass, improve General vitality and increase libido. Also during the course you may notice the following improvements: increase in appetite, swollen, improving the functioning of the joints and ligaments, strengthening the skeletal system, improving the nitrogen balance in the body.

Testosterone Cypionate (Balkan Pharma), according to the reviews and according to practice, is a broad – spectrum drug. However, he is the perfect combination tool for use in sport and is suitable for use in a variety of sports (from bodybuilding to martial arts or hockey). Fact: the testosterones are perfectly combined with almost any other steroid, providing more pronounced effects, so they often become the main part of challenging courses.

How to take Testosterone Cypionate (Balkans)

Effective dosage of the steroid is of the order of 250-750 mg per full week practicing athletes perform injections on average 1-2 times a week. Receiving higher doses generally not required if we are not talking about professional athletes, for whom such amounts are insufficient to improve the current physical form.

Dosage Testosterone Cypionate from Balkan pharmaceuticals in relation of the substance/the preparation volume is easily calculated. It has a convenient concentration of the active substance (200 mg per 1 ml ampoule), to simplify the process. It turns out that You need 1.25 ml for doses of 250 mg or, for example, 2.5 ml for a weekly dosage of 500 mg.

It is important to note that the course Testosterone Cypionate produced in the Balkans, is appropriate not only for seasoned athletes and professionals but also for beginners. For the first year, he is not the best choice, but can then be effectively and relatively safely used by athletes that do not have much experience in the use of drugs of sports pharmacology.

The use of Testosterone Cypionate (Balkan Pharmaceuticals) is effective in the combinations (though in solo, he is able to provide visible results). The selection of bundles of steroids for the course must be treated individually (based on personal experience, current physical fitness, the overall level of training and health status).

If you select a popular combination of courses, to include combination with Dianabol and or nandrolone decanoate. It is an effective masonboro bundles capable of increasing muscle about 10 kg for about an 8 week cycle of use, and to increase appetite, strength athlete, endurance, and even strengthen the body.

You must understand that the Moldovan Testosterone Cypionate (Balkans) requires mandatory post-cycle therapy, as it is quite a strong steroid preparation, which may affect natural testosterone levels and lead to the manifestation of estrogenic or androgenic side effects.

Side effects when taking Testosterone TS

Strong androgenic action and the predisposition to the accumulation of water in the body lead to side effects of Testosterone Cypionate from Balkan Pharmaceuticals: there may be high blood pressure, rashes on the body, increased aggressiveness, sexual hyperstimulation, hair growth on the body and face, gynecomastia, baldness.

In compliance with the dosage regimen and use of side effect is unlikely. Often those or other violations on the course are just the same, the result of improper administration of the drug.

To prevent or at least to minimize the adverse effects on the course Testosterone Cypionate Balkan Pharma can help tools: tamoxifen or clomiphene citrate for PCT, anastrozole and mesterolone, better known as Proviron, during the course, if you have an urgent need.