Testosterone E Radjay Healthcare & Pharmaceutical 300 mg/ml


Substance: Testosterone EnanthatePackage: vial (300 mg/ml)


Indian pharmaceutical company Raja launched the production line of the release is very strong androgenic steroid testosterone enanthate, the active ingredient of which is testosterone enanthate. The period of maximum activity of this drug lasts for 12 days, with an average dose per week, 250-500 mg. component
Wide application courses of steroids based on testosterone enanthate a long period find in the field of bodybuilding, weightlifting and triathlon. The drug helps to increase huge amount of muscles as a result of fluid retention in the fibers, and also due to the large muscle protein synthesis. Enanthate contributes the most rapid increase in the level of testosterone in the athlete’s body, together with which rises a powerful physical force. As a consequence of increasing strength observed a qualitative increase of muscle mass, since muscles will be forced to withstand a great amount of physical activity. The volume of such loads must increase muscle tissue and strengthening ligaments together with tendons.

the Testosterone E Radjay Healthcare & Pharmaceutical 300 mg/ml is an injectable steroid that is characterized with high androgenic activity. For this reason, it is best to apply the combined intake of this steroid in combination with steroids that have high anabolic activity of the active substance. As a result of these cords of the two drugs is as strong effect in a large set of quality muscle mass and a significant increase in physical strength will not keep itself waiting long.

Course testosterone enanthate with all the unwanted possible negative consequences will help to fight one of the strongest antiestrogens Proviron, which fully insure the athlete from the possibility of unwanted appearance of gynecomastia, will significantly reduce the level of aromatization of testosterone enanthate, while decreasing the delay of excess fluid in the body bodybuilder. In the result of water retention in the muscles to the accumulation of a large number of protein magnesium and phosphorus, leading to a rapid and quality growth of muscle mass. Testosterone enanthate is suitable for the reception only advanced security forces, previously tested weaker steroids.

The principle of the testosterone enanthate can be compared to a pump, pumping a very large amount of blood and oxygen to the exercising muscles, thereby contributing to the growth of the huge power potential of the athlete. The result of this process there is an explosive strength and increase muscle mass. On a steroid course the muscles will be able to recover quickly after performing heavy exercise and strenuous exercise.

The use of TESTOSTERONE E enanthate a long period of validity inherent in most massonary courses which are organized by body builders. Recommended in combination with enanthate to introduce injection trenbolone or DECA Durabolin for the purpose of quality increase of muscle mass and increase physical strength to the maximum possible result. To enhance the effect on a steroid course is useful combined intake along with one of these oral steroids like danabol or turinabol. The combination of enanthate and stanozolol will be ideal for bodybuilders who wish to gain dry mass.