Testosterone Propionate The British Dispensary 100 mg/ml


Substance: Testosterone PropionatePackage: 10 ampoules (100 mg/ml)


Testosterone Propionate Injection is a modern steroid drug, production of which involved the pharmaceutical company The British Dispensary (Thailand). Among its properties are high anabolic and androgenic activity that is identical to the add-on of endogenous testosterone, fastest, though not the most long-lasting effects, as well as multiple and varied positive effects. It can increase strength, increase the prominence of muscles, reducing the risk of coronary disease and cardiac ischemia, and other significant improvements.
Effectively used Testosterone Propionate (1ml) produced by The British Dispensary maybe in sports practice (bodybuilding, powerlifting and other disciplines), and in medicine. In sports it is usually used either on courses aimed at increasing strength and muscle mass, either on drying. In turn, in medicine, the propionate ester following indications: replacement therapy in secondary and primary evnuhoidizme or hypogonadism in men, impotence and male menopause, hormone-dependent tumors and menopausal disorders in women, and other abnormalities and diseases.

Testosterone Propionate Injection: description of the drug
The active substance in the basis of this drug is the steroid testosterone propionate. This ester of testosterone were synthesized closer to the middle of the 20th century, the pharmaceutical market it first put the company Schering. In the region of 60-ies he was one of the most popular steroid drugs. Today, his popularity is also high, both among beginners and already experienced, and professional athletes.
If to describe the remarkable parties and properties British Dispensary Testosterone Propionate, the first thing is to say that the drug is endowed with a sufficiently high anabolic and androgenic activities. Both equal 100% of endogenous testosterone. Note also that he though not the longest (full time activity – about two days), but quick action. This, incidentally, explains the need for frequent administration of injections is usually applied either through the day or every three days.
The course Testosterone Propionate Injection, used correctly, can show the following positive action and effects:
• To increase muscle mass;
Demonstrate fat burning effect;
• Increase relief and stiffness of muscles;
• Rapidly increase strength;
• Increase of libido (during the course);
• To reduce the risk of cardiac ischemia and coronary disease.
However, we should clarify that Testosterone Propionate Injection may be characterized not only positive, but also certain side effects. In particular when it is used there is the likelihood of androgenic side effects, including: acne acne, excessive hair growth on body and face, greasy skin, and some others. Also it can cause decrease in the production of testosterone and manifestations of estrogenic side effects, so post-cycle therapy, You may need ancillary drugs like Tamoxifen/Clomid and Proviron.
Important: the esters of testosterone usually is not recommended to use the girls as athletes. However, British Dispensary Testosterone Propionate Injection, and in General the propionate ester is the tool that women in sports can use without much risk. That’s just dosage to avoid the effects of virilization and other effects, they are advised small – in the region of 25-50 mg (perhaps 100 mg) every 6 days, while men can enter a dose of 100 to 200 mg a day or every 3 days.
In conclusion of the description add that storage ampoules/vials of the drug for injection should be undertaken with caution in a completely dark and dry place, protected from light and moisture. For the safety of the drug should be kept out of the reach of children and domestic animals, if any.
How to make Testosterone Propionate Injection?
Most often, athletes use the described drug to increase strength, improve muscularity, or increase muscle mass. The use of Testosterone Propionate Injection is usually conducted not in solo and in combinations with other steroid from to stanozolol turinabol. This is done in order to improve the effectiveness of the course and to achieve more expressive results.
How to make British Dispensary Testosterone Propionate (1ml), and with some steroids, it can and should be combined? Effective joint courses of this drug a lot, besides, much depends on the pursued athletic goals, experience and financial possibilities. So You need to determine in advance, what you strive and what resources are available. To improve strength I can recommend the course Testosterone Propionate Injection + turinabol, which is as follows: this drug – every other day 50-100 mg, turinabol 40 mg / day for 6 weeks. The application of propionate in doses of 100 mg after a course of Tamoxifen will need.
More significant, the same increase in muscle mass will achieve the course British Dispensary Testosterone Propionate + methandienone. The regimen is this: described is a steroid drug 100 mg a day (for 7 weeks), Dianabol – daily 30 mg daily (for 7 weeks), the output of stanozolol – daily 40 mg, Tamoxifen in FCT – daily 30 mg for 2-3 full weeks.
Overall, recommended for sporting purposes dosage Testosterone Propionate Injection is 100-200 mg of steroid every three days, or a day (the frequency of use is not due to a very long period). Courses with his participation on the average last about 7 full weeks. Such volumes, frequency and duration of intake usually sufficient for a noticeable improvement in the physique and increment strength.
Note that the dosage, when is the admission Testosterone Propionate Injection manufacturing, The British Dispensary does not usually cause problems, because the drug convenient the concentration of active substance (100 mg per 1 ml). To prevent the occasional mistake is almost impossible, because it turns out that the dose in 50 mg need exactly 0.5 ml, 2 ml, for doses of 200 mg, etc. – all this is a simple and smooth matter.
Important: go to the Forum of our site, You will be able to understand all the nuances of using this drug, what kind of steroids it is better to combine, and how to use solo if necessary. The fact that on the Forum you can freely communicate with consultants AthleticPharma (coach for bodybuilding, sports physician and other specialists) and get the answer to almost any question.