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Substance: Testosterone EnanthatePackage: vial (250 mg/ml)


Testover E – testosterone enanthate from Vermodje, best price.
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Testosterone enanthate is a prolonged form of testosterone, which includes the complex shape of the enanthate ester. This is one of the most popular testosterone forms as it has a lasting effect well improves strength and promotes quality muscle pumps blood. Testosterone enanthate is characterized by a pronounced anabolic and androgenic activity, but does not pose a toxic risk to liver, so it can take even those athletes who have disturbed liver function, as a result of taking other medicines.

Estover E: characteristic steroid profile.

The therapeutic effect of the Pharmacological action Testopera E develops very quickly and lasts 15 days. The main advantage of the drug is its ability to increase strength and muscle mass. Very often, this drug is used in powerlifting, as it helps eliminate problems with joints and recover from lung injury, and joint injury.

This is not to say that the application of testosterone enanthate, the athlete will be quality muscle gains, because the rapid weight gain that is associated with the accumulation of large amounts of water in the body and after the course of the drug athletes notice a significant rollback phenomenon. Therefore, before you buy testosterone enanthate and start using it, you need to understand the purpose of the beginning of the course and what results you expect.

Estover E: the course, rules of admission.

Despite the fact that testosterone enanthate has a prolonged effect and 1 dose can provide quality work active ingredients for 15-20 days to take the drug, need weekly. The optimal single dose is 250-500 mg, depending on the readiness of the athlete to Take medication must 1 time per week, making an injection in the gluteal region. The course of the drug, is 2-2. 5 months (8-10 weeks) is Not recommended to exceed this dosage, as you may have side effects.


When using high doses for a long time, it is recommended to add to enanthate, receiving gonadotropin. The end of the course should be gradual. It is necessary for the last two weeks, reduce dose to minimum and only after that you can graduate from taking the drug.

At the sharp end of the course, you may experience withdrawal symptoms within 3-4 weeks after receiving testosterone enanthate, it is necessary to start the use of antiestrogens.

Possible side effects:

The development of the female characteristics, including an increase in fatty tissue on the female type.
These side effects are related to the fact that the drug in large amounts is converted to estrogen, causing hormonal disruption in the male body. Therefore, during the course testosterone enathate, it is strongly recommended to take antiestrogens.