Tren-Mix Radjay Healthcare & Pharmaceutical 250 mg/ml


Substance: Blend of 3 TrenbolonesPackage: vial (250 mg/ml)


Tren Mix Radjay – anabolic and androgenic steroid from Indian pharmaceutical companies. Release form – injection, the packing is 10 ml, the dosage is 200 mg/ml. the Main active ingredient is trenbolone esterified. The product consists of three ether – acetate, hexahydrobenzylcarbonate and enanthate. The essence of such mixture is the consistency of a hormonal background for a long time. TREN Mix from Raja provides the receipt of the active substance in the blood, at least for 10 days. The impact of this mix on the body does not differ from the effects derived from the sequential introduction of separate forms, but the ease of use is evident. The less you need injections, the lower the probability of occurrence of adverse skin reactions, not to mention the moral component, reduced time, etc. the Price of a combined form of steroid, of course, somewhat higher.

“TREN Mix” from Radjay
Acetate, a part of the drug, characterized by a smallest period of destruction, and is valid for about a day. Behind him split hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, and then enanthate. The latter two forms have similar pharmacological kinetics, and, in principle, interchangeable. In combination they provide a synergistic effect.

Effects from taking TREN Mix

The recruitment of muscle mass. When compliance with diet, proper training and adequate recovery for an 8-week course athlete can gain up to 10 pounds.
Two-fold increase in the production of insulin-like growth factor. This substance is a mediator of actions of growth hormone, starts the process of hyperplasia of muscle and has anabolic effect.
The suppression of catabolic processes. Trenbolone considerably reduces the level of cortisol – a hormone responsible for increasing glucose level in the blood and the accumulation of body fat.
Increase in sexual desire. In some cases, a significant increase in libido on the course may be replaced by a “pit” on the way out of it.
Stimulation of secretion of growth hormone.
Increase power performance.
The high anabolic activity of the steroid Tren Mix due to its affinity for androgen receptors. Trenbolone is one of the most effective means of increasing muscle mass and strength.

How to take Tren Mix

How to take TREN Mick”Course Tren Mix Radjay is quite long and can reach 12 weeks. The effect of the mix takes place gradually. Effective and relatively safe dosage is considered to be 300 milligrams per week. It is advisable to build a course “ladder”, gradually increasing the amount administered. In case of exceeding the duration of admission for longer than six months, mandatory use of gonadotropin (starting from the second week until the end of the second week after discontinuation of the steroid). As a post-cycle therapy used Clomid or Toremifene. Before taking TREN-Mix it is advisable to consult with a sports doctor. Exceeding the recommended dosage can result in side effects.

As for how to make Tren-Mix in combination with other AAS, that professional athletes often combine trenbolone with testosterone enanthate and nandrolone (although the probability of negative reactions is large enough). Safer combinations are considered to be schema Annavaram/Winstrol for the acquisition of musculature to “drying”.

Side effects

Significant suppression of the secretion of the body’s own testosterone may cause the following side effects from Tren-Mix as a decrease in sexual desire (libido), weak erections and even testicular atrophy. To restore hormone used testosterone boosters to block the negative effects use cabergoline and gonadotrophin. On the course it is possible increase in blood pressure, loss of hair, acne, insomnia.

Reviews about Tren Mix

Reviews Tren-Maprotiline athletes appreciate the ability of trenbolone to stimulate hyperplasia muscle and increase strength. With regard to combinations with other AAS, the opinions about Tren-Mix Radjay evidence of its effective combined with Nandrolone and testosterone enanthate. Athletes warned against the use of trenbolone in conjunction with clenbuterol or ephedrine.

Reviews about TREN-Mix from Raj talking about the usability of the mix on the basis of ether, but at the same time, the drug, according to most, is quite expensive.