Trenaver 100 Vermodje 100 mg/ml


Substance: Trenbolone AcetatePackage: 5 ampoules (100 mg/ml)


Trenaver 100 Vermodje 100 mg/ml is “short” i.e. the acetate form of trenbolone, the most powerful drug which is available in the market of sports pharmacology . The drug is so powerful that it can not compete neither testosterone nor Anadrol. Produced trenbolone acetate in Moldova at the company, oral steroid, which.

Trenaver 100 Vermodje 100 mg/ml- a favorite of professionals steroid during drying and drawing of the muscles. Generally combined with the injection stanozolol and testosterone propionate, masterroom. Really plenty of bonus of trenbolone acetate is that it is able to act as a fat burner by increasing the production of growth hormone by 200 %.

Trenaver 100 Vermodje 100 mg/ml REVIEWS
Trenaver 100 Vermodje 100 mg/ml, a very powerful drug has higher androgenic activity, which exceeds that of testosterone’s 5 times. If you use TREN you will very quickly rack up a dry and good ground. And a huge increase in power terms, will bring you into an unprecedented delight. TREN acetate does not aromatize, i.e. no water retention in the body and does not cause gynecomastia, increase the pressure and fat deposits in the body. In terms of structure, similar to nandrolone (soundboard) and the soundboard (in rare cases and much menesiu), in high dosages, may be progestinum activity that may be accompanied by developments prolactinoma gynecomastia and DECA occurrence of DECA-dick. In this case, you must use antiprolactin drugs – cabergoline (dosinex) or bromocriptine, more cheap and accessible version of inhibitor of prolactin.

Trenaver 100 Vermodje 100 mg/ml COURSE
Trenbolone, shows excellent results solo. For beginners, the dosage is 50 mg. of the acetate every day. But the whole anabolic power of prep is disclosed in conjunction with testosterone and stanazolol. Duration of treatment should not exceed 8 weeks. If you “hooked up” combined course, the course may require use antiaromatase drugs and gonadotropin. The DCR is only used Clomid and the auxiliary drugs, Tribulus, zinc.