Trenbolon 100 Body Pharm LTD 250 mg/ml


Substance: Trenbolone AcetatePackage: vial (250 mg/ml)


Description Trenbolon acetate 100 – Body Pharm LTD Is a modern anabolic drug, the active substance is trenbolone acetate is a potent, anabolic drugs meek actions.Trenbolon acetate 100 is most used in sports fucking of obtaining quality muscle mass and increase strength. 100 Trenbolon acetate – Pharm LTD Body produces, the Japanese company Body farm, this pharmaceutical company on the market not so long ago, but has established itself very quickly on the market steroids, is in great demand . The androgenic activity of TREN acetate Trenbolon acetate 100 is a drug with powerful anabolic effect which is greater than 4 times testosterone and high androgenic activity of testosterone which is more than 2 times. Trenbolone acetate has been used widely in veterinary medicine for improving animal power and strengthen their body. After the first injection of 100 Trenbolon acetate active in the body for 3 days, so the athletes come to the injections a day to achieve the desired result. The effect of Trenbolone 100 Bodyfarm Applying Trenbolon acetate – Pharm LTD Body athlete will get results like burning fat, passion, strength, quality muscle growth, increase libido while taking. In sports the drug is used for obtaining high-quality mass without excess water in the body as well as to improve power performance. The recommended dosage is 50-100 mg a day. Trenbolon acetate 100 – Body Pharm LTD used in conjunction with other anabolic drugs it goes well with testosterone and Winstrol and turinabol the course of taking Trenbolon acetate 100 normally last for 8 weeks. After the course trenbolone acetate the athlete should take care of post-cycle therapy, or puncture gonadotropin, as this drug is 4 times stronger than testosterone, and you can add tamoxifen. Trenbolon acetate 100 – Body Pharm is used not only in bodybuilding but in endurance sports it too enjoyed a lot. Side effects of Trenbolon from Body Pharm LTD Side effects of Trenbolon acetate 100 – Body Pharm LTD can be in rare cases such as high blood pressure, increased aggression or acne, can increase the oiliness of the skin, due to decreased testosterone production after the course, be sure to conduct the FCT. Women, we do not recommend the use of Trenbolon acetate 100 – Body Pharm, it is only a drug for men. In our store you can buy original 100 Trenbolon acetate – Pharm Body , our consultants will help you find the right course to achieve the desired result.