Trenoged-E Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals 250 mg/ml


Substance: Trenbolone EnanthatePackage: vial (250 mg/ml)



Trenoged-E Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals 250 mg/ml is a modern steroid remedy which is active substance is trenbolone enanthate. Used the drug mainly in the framework of sports, including bodybuilding. The athletes of the various disciplines commonly use it for long courses to gain quality mass, burn fat and increase strength.
Trenched-E 200 is manufactured by Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals. This Chinese manufacturer. Despite the novelty of the Golden dragon has managed to win the trust of domestic athletes and their steroid products are quite high in demand and popularity.
In the latest instalment of the Golden Dragon there was added a special protective system against counterfeiting, implying enter the verification code on the official website of the manufacturer.

Effect and properties Trenoged-E

The steroid trenbolone enanthate is active ingredient of this tool, were developed in the 20th century for use in veterinary medicine. Initially it was used to increase appetite and weight of the animals. In our days trenbolone enanthate is mostly effective anabolic used by athletes to improve athletic performance.
If you select the properties Trenched-E, first it is worth noting that its effect is quite long. The period of activity of the drug is about 10-14 days after the last administration, half-life 7-8 days. Therefore, often the introduction is not necessary (injections are usually placed once or twice in full week).
It is also important to say that Trenoged-E is a powerful anabolic androgenic activity which is also quite high. Therefore to receive it is recommended mainly to experienced athletes, who have already conducted courses with the participation of the weaker steroid drugs. Well he comes and professionals who wish to improve physical fitness. Speaking of improvements, the effects that can be Trenoged-E, the following:
• Fast and good increase in muscle mass;
• A significant increase in power performance;
• Fat burning (by increasing the generation G);
• Increasing the level of insulin-like growth factor;
• Reduction of cortisol and increase in libido in the course.
However, you must understand that Trenoged-E can be characterized not only beneficial effects but also some side effects. In particular we know that its prolonged use may cause of manifestation of this ailment, acne acne (acne), high blood pressure, improve oily skin, hair loss on the head. In addition, in some cases, the athlete may experience insomnia and increased aggression.
Important: in sports practice drug Trenoged-E Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals 250 mg/ml recommended only to men, women usually do not use. The reason is the relatively high androgenic activity of the tool, which in case of athletes can lead to virilization (accumulation features characteristic to men, women).
In conclusion of the description add that this drug the production of the Golden dragon should be stored in dark and dry place at room temperature. Also as a precaution it should be safely hidden from Pets and children.