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WHAT KIND OF DRUG IS Anastrozol Balkan Pharmaceuticals 0.25mg?

In the basis of medicine lies the substance anastrozole, thanks to this substance, the drug got its name. Anastrozole has the ability to block aromatase (the appearance on the market in 1995, the drug has quickly taken a leading position and became one of the popular means of pharmacology).

Note that the original anastrozole, like his other counterparts, was produced only for medical purposes, for example, they can be successfully treated/treating breast cancer, malignant tumor damaged detected high activity of the receptors, estrogen. After some time, the possibility of reducing the side effects after the use of steroids (Dianabol to testosterone), began to use sport as a sports drug medical.

Why Anastrozol Balkan Pharmaceuticals 0.25mg is widely used, both simple and sports medicine? Most important, the drug is used to block aromatization (estrogen not change in the body). In some disciplines such as powerlifting and bodybuilding, it is used to stop the development of some disorders of the body, to which refers, the problem of excess water retention, thickening layer of fat, men’s gynecomastia. It should be noted, use of this drug does not everyone in the preventive purposes, but only professional and experienced athletes in courses with heavy steroid form. In these specific cases, the use of tablets anastrozole will be justified.

It is important to remember that Anastrozol Balkan Pharmaceuticals 0.25mg along with useful properties has some side effects. Such side effects include decrease in allocation of “good” cholesterol (hence it can be concluded that people suffering from certain diseases or heart disorders should not use this drug). Add to all this, the emergence of temporary heat and stupefying sight, the use by athletes of excessively large doses of the drug.

The drug Anastrozole from Balkan Pharma should be stored under strictly defined conditions:

The temperature should be at room not above and not below.
The storage place should be dry with no moisture and light;
The drug should be stored out of the reach of children or Pets.
The drug has the effect of increasing the concentration of testosterone in the body. This is done with the help of feedback, when reducing the amount of estrogen neurohormones leads to increased androgen neurohormones, or as they are called testosterone.

Anastrozol Balkan Pharmaceuticals 0.25mg: MANUAL USE

In sports antiestrogen drug should be used only for professional or experienced athletes to improve their physical condition and shape use large doses of flavors and are long-term courses making these steroids.

The use of Anastrozole is not recommended in sports to use women. Female athletes who have long used the pills of this drug can be unpleasant consequences, such as hormonal development.

You should know that there are a couple good ways of taking the drug. The first (urgent) – is the use of the drug immediately after the detection of the initial signs of negative side effects, like flavoring or gyno, the dose should be in the range of 0.5 – 1 milligrams per 24 hours. The second method (used to prevent) is used from the beginning of the course in the dose of a quarter of a milligram per 24 hours, this is done in order to prevent violations in the future.

If you know in advance what dose you need, calculate the required number of pills is not so difficult, as the proportion of Anastrozole is 250 mg per one tablet. For example, to take the dose in a quarter of a milligram, you need only a fourth of all the pills, but one pill right proportionally 250 mcg. Make a mistake here just simply will not work.

Will not be superfluous to all the athletes know what to take Anastrozole best on an empty stomach (fasting), drinking something (so the drug is absorbed faster), but not alcohol. Course of use on the average lasts about 10-14 days, as this period is the best for the preparation of all necessary for the athlete effects.